A game developer is a popular person. This is due to the rapid growth of the industry, which has developed over the last twenty years into a multi-billion dollar market. New devices constantly provide additional fields of application. Earlier games were played on consoles or on the computer, and nowadays games are being played on smartphones and tablets too.

Even with highly complex 3D multiplayer games, technical progress is continuing to be made. 3D shooters, previous bestsellers, are still extremely popular today. In terms of sales and development, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) have lost popularity since the World of Warcraft.

According to its developer, Blizzard, the game is still being played with over one hundred million accounts and over five million active users listed and registered.

The games market has much more to offer, an incomplete list on Wikipedia lists 84 computer game genres. And for each one a game developer with special abilities are needed.

Game developer is not a traditionally educated profession

Even though there are now a number of degree programs, many game developers are still new to development. This is because the game design courses, which differ from the math-filled computer science courses, offered by private universities are often expensive.

Game experience, creativity and great enthusiasm are often important for game studios, in addition to programming skills.

In contrast to application, app and web development, in computer games the aesthetic, originality and the sound and image quality play a key role. A game developer must work within a range of disciplines, and not only think about pure purpose and efficiency.

The Outsourcing market for game developers is growing

Computer games are developed in large teams, just like other software. And their budgets are often very tight, excluding large blockbuster studios. Therefore, it makes sense to hand over specific tasks to low-cost external game developers.

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