Indische Spieleentwickler als günstige Alternative

Game developers in Europe enjoy high salaries, often to the chagrin of smaller game companies who can need several years to bring out a game title. Large game studios have it a bit easier, and have spent tens of millions of euros to develop elaborate games over many years.

It’s therefore not surprising that the Outsourcing trend to India includes areas such as game development. In 2005 the German magazine Stern reported on the young trend of partially or completely Outsourcing game development to India with an article titled ‘Where game developers can’t play’. The argument at that time was that children in India do not grow up as closely with video games like in Europe or in the USA, and don’t have the necessary knowledge for computer games.

This has changed significantly over the last decade, and now India as well has countless creative and professional game developers. Europe’s gaming industry is increasingly making use of this cost-effective area for a specific area of game titles.

Game developer – doing Europe’s work

There are two large areas to differentiate between in game development: simple casual games and complex games for PCs and consoles. The rapid rise of smartphones to an everyday device has shaken up the game industry. With simple and entertaining casual games for new platforms, companies such as or Rovio emerged.

The simple structure of casual games with GameBoy-style puzzles, combos and skills makes them perfect to be realised in India. Many companies take advantage of this possibility to realise free advertising games to increase brand awareness and sales incentives.

Even larger game titles like to use the affordable expertise of Indian game developers. While the conceptual work of the game producers and the game designer usually stays in Europe, Indian game developers take over work on parts such as 3D modelling, sound design, graphics or level design.  You can also easily find the right specialists for 3D engines such as CryEngine, Unity or Unreal which are used worldwide in many projects.

But how does collaboration work between the game developers? Europe will usually be home to a locally based team, and the Indian colleagues will be integrated via conference software and collaboration tools. The usual Scrum software development methods will help here too, and there are a number of online-based tools optimised for virtual project work such as Atlassian JIRA.

How to find Indian game developers

Outsourcing4work is specialised in providing highly qualified offshoring professionals from the Indian IT sector, and can easily find the right Indian game developer for your needs.

We will take over the responsibility for proper implementation as a European contract partner, and will use our own project managers trained in Scrum. Thanks to this comprehensive approach you will not need to deal with any bureaucratic or legal obstacles, and can be sure that your contract will be realised exactly as you want it to be.

With our different contract models, you can realise a project at a fixed price, or with temporary employees on an hourly basis.