Freelance web developer from India

Usually, a freelance web developer is the best choice for temporary projects. However, the greater flexibility will cost a lot more – at least when you break it down into hourly wage.

If you’ve made the decision to hire a freelance web developer for a specific project, then you shouldn’t limit yourself to Europe. This is especially true if there will be no or hardly any face to face meetings with the client.

A freelance web developer works online

The rapid development of the internet, increasingly powerful hardware and the spread of broadband connections around the world creates new opportunities, especially in the field of web development. A freelance web developer will usually do their work in a non-public test environment which can be operated without problems online – on real web servers with restricted access.

This makes it possible for several freelance web developers to work together, even if they are located in various different locations. Many well-known open-source projects take advantage of this opportunity and use services available online such as GitHub for versioning and sharing code components.

Thanks to inexpensive cloud technology it is no longer a problem to exchange large amounts of data. Technically advanced video conferencing and online collaboration tools make virtual teamwork a breeze.

Scrum: optimal collaboration of freelance web developers

Scrum project management based on Agile software development methods is now the standard for IT projects. In addition, it is great for coordinating freelance web developers.

Through the clear division of labour and strictly defined roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Team Member) the workflows can be easily managed. Online collaboration tools which have been optimised for software development are used to implement the Scrum methodology.

Assembla,Targetprocess, Eylean Board, JIRA and Agilo for Trac are the best-known tools. There are also many others, usually browser based services that enable optimised Scrum project management. (Trello, Basecamp, Scrumwise, Agile Agenda, Agile Buddy, Agile Zen, Agilo for Scrum, Airgile, etc. – here you can find an extensive list.)

If you already have a developer team with its own Scrum Master, you can usually easily integrate a freelance web developer into it. The Scrum methodology creates clear communication, clearly defined processes, solid responsibilities and prioritisations and an efficient exchange of work materials. It won’t matter where the freelance web developer is based as long as they are familiar with Scrum.

If you want to realise a website or web application completely through a freelance developer, that is even easier because then they can work autonomously.

Freelance web developer from India: guaranteed cost savings

In the IT nation India you can find highly qualified employees at a fraction of the cost of their European counterparts. European PHP freelancers cost about €65 an hour. In comparison, the same profile in India will only cost around €20 an hour, and it is even possible to replace a European PHP freelancer with two Indian freelancers and still save money.

Outsourcing4work can find the right employee for you. You can then either virtually include the developer in your project, or you then outsource the entire development process to India. You can decide if you want to carry out a project at a fixed price or hire temporary employees. We offer various employment models.

Our Scrum project managers will take over the coordination of the Indian web developers throughout the project phase. Everything will run just as you imagine. You will also conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. We then take care of the rest.