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There are many WordPress theme developers, and you can find thousands of both commercial and free themes to create beautiful websites of all types. However, if you are looking for a unique WordPress theme with special features or would like to adapt it to an existing theme package, you will need a suitably qualified developer.

Luckily however, the content management system (CMS) WordPress is very popular; no other CMS is used more often, which you probably already know. But did you know that the market share of WordPress is already over 60%, and that almost a quarter of all internet sites worldwide run on WordPress?

This makes it easy to find a good WordPress developer anywhere in the world – from hobbyists up to professional web design agencies who throw one commercial WordPress theme after another onto the market. It’s a good business, with WordPress commercial templates being sold at a price of thirty to sixty US dollars each.

WordPress theme developers for custom websites

If you would like to have an exclusive WordPress theme developed or customized, it can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help keep the costs as low as possible. Hiring hobbyists however, is not one of them.

Professional WordPress theme developers usually work in teams and develop a solid basic structure upon which they design the individual themes. The skilful incorporation and licensing of plugins such as Visual Composer or WooCommerce also plays an important role.

Some established WordPress theme developers are also open to contract work and design custom themes following the wishes of the customer. Price expectations are very different, in addition to the services offered.

If you have hardly any experience with WordPress themes, it can be hard to find truly competent partner. Almost every theme looks good on test pages and in screenshots. What lies behind the theme will only become clear once it is implemented.

A further important aspect is the continual development and service over a longer period of time. No WordPress theme is perfect at the start, and will only gradually be improved and adapted along with the website. It is essential to take a flexible theme approach which also affects the code and data structure.

Even WordPress itself and many plugins are continuously further developed. Security reasons are another factor when it comes to upgrading the CMS and plugins. This could lead to an incompatibility at some point with the WordPress theme, which should also be regularly updated.

Affordable WordPress theme developers

You will have to many more aspects that just the cost in mind in order to keep the price of a WordPress theme developer as low as possible. Follow-up costs play a large role, and good developers from India are a great alternative. The costs in India are a fraction of the price in Europe. In addition, India is truly a mecca for IT Outsourcing. The country has a permanent place in the global Outsourcing economy and currently provides more than 55% of all worldwide outsourced services.

Outsourcing4work can easily find you an excellent WordPress theme developer from India, one who will develop new WordPress templates or adapt existing themes for you. We also take over the coordination for you, in addition to procurement, with our own Scrum project managers so that you will not need to worry about successful implementation. We will also take over payment for the Indian developer. Simply conclude a contract with us as a European company, and we will take care of the rest. Confidentiality and good communication are guaranteed.