Delphi Developer Wanted?

A developer with excellent Delphi knowledge is not just around every corner, and companies who often look for Delphi developers know the problem very well. If an existing Delphi expert leaves, or more support is needed for a new project, good professionals are often expensive.

This is mainly due to the low popularity of this development environment and the continuously declining significance of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

10 year ago Delphi developers were more sought after

Borland introduced Delphi in 1995 as an integrated development environment for Windows applications. With the commercial software package developers could develop applications in Turbo Pascal relatively easily thanks to object oriented programming.

As long as Microsoft continued to nearly monopolise the market with Windows, Delphi was extremely popular. With the growing popularity of Linus and Mac OS, other programming techniques became more widely used. The internet boom led to a shift in web development with THML, PHP and JavaScript, and the rise of smartphones, tables and new apps running on completely new devices did the rest. Delphi developers have now become much less sought after.

Since 2008 Mac and Linux software can also be developed with Delphi, but these platforms can never give Delphi the same importance as Windows did. Despite this, Delphi is a sophisticated, up-to-date and renowned development environment for Windows, Mac, mobile devices and the Internet of Things. Delphi developers are therefore wanted for complex projects.

Just by looking at the Wikipedia page for integrated development environments, you can see that there are a large number of alternatives. And, in contrast to Delphi, many of them are free. A Delphi user must pay around 6,000 euros for the current version.

Looking for a Delphi developer?

According to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s leading professional organisation for software developers, Delphi is found on place 29 of the world’s most popular programming languages. The field is led by Java, C and C++, all languages which can develop code for nearly every kind of hardware.

Delphi is still used in established software projects that have more than 10 or 15 years under their belt and are being continuously further developed. If software does not need to be developed completely from scratch, it makes complete sense. And even for completely new developments Delphi is a popular solution. The accompanying tools are state of the art and the documentation is just as first-rate.

Delphi developer needed: and found!

If you are looking for a Delphi developer, you should look at experience more than other programming languages. Since Delphi is relatively easy language to learn, in comparison to other languages, there are many mediocre developers available on the job market.

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