Magento Agencies

Magento agencies will help in creating an online shop using this widely used e-commerce platform. The software is the market leader and is used worldwide by many high-profile shop operators.

Magento was developed as an open source platform by the company with the same name. Since 2011 Magento has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebay. With its parent company, the company has the necessary capital to continuously develop the shop software.

According to statistics from W3Techs, Magento runs on more than one percent of all websites, making it top dog in its field.

Accordingly, the market for Magento agencies is booming. Unlike a CMS system like WordPress, which is used on private blogs, Magento shop pages need a professional appearance.

Before deciding on a Magento agency, you should take note of the following points.

What references does the Magento agency have?

You can quickly see what a Magento agency can achieve when you look at projects that it has already completed. If you are planning a large project, you should look carefully at their work. Has the agency realised similar shops and if so, how many?

Is the Magento agency certified?

The manufacturer Magento guarantees the quality of a professional Magento agency with a multi-tiered certification system. Many web developers are on the market with limited Magento experience. Because it is an open source product, anyone can theoretically work with Magento.

Operations & development

Which services can the Magento agency provide for the operation after completion? Which service packages are available and how much do they cost? There is always something that needs to be changed in a successful shop. And every few years a redesign should take place to keep your customers happy.

Technological partners

Pay attention to the technological partners of the Magento agency. Special content such as an own video player and external extensions for data entry and evaluation require special expertise. The integration usually works faster in an existing partnership and the agency can also offer more detailed services.

Payment systems and security

Which payment systems can the Magento agency offer you for your shop? There is a wide range of local and global solutions. Perhaps you want to offer your clients more exotic payment methods such as Bitcoin or payment over the phone or by text. The Magento agency should therefore also offer you a security concept for the page and especially for the customer data. If you later become the victim of hackers the damage to your reputation and brand can be devastating.

We will help you in your search!

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