Choose the right Drupal agency

Drupal is especially well-suited for the implementation of complex web page projects, however, the open source content management system (CMS) is significantly more difficult to set up and maintain than the more popular WordPress and Joomla. With a good Drupal agency you will still be able to reach your goals; in this post you will find some good advice on finding the right one for you.

Drupal agencies: better than doing it yourself

In the search for CMS solutions and web developers you will often hear about WordPress. The software which was originally only intended for bloggers has now become the market leader. Thanks to its easy setup and the many ready-made templates, beginners can relatively easily achieve good results.

Large companies and organizations also often choose Drupal, and for good reason. The CMS requires far fewer system resources than WordPress and other solutions. Once a page has been clicked on millions of times this is reflected rather quickly in the costs. Drupal can shine even on popular websites with major community / Web 2.0 capabilities and with a comprehensive rights management.

The White House, the Economist, Greenpeace and the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera all have a Drupal website.

It can be hard to find a good Drupal agency for the difficult set-up. There are no five-minute installations like WordPress, and no pre-installed WYSIWYG editor. Commercial extensions or the expertise of a web designer is needed if you would like a visually impressive design.

How to choose the right Drupal agency

  • When choosing the right Drupal agency, pay attention to their references. An experienced Drupal agency should be able to show you a variety of professional sites.
  • Ask yourself which additional products such as plug-ins and themes should be realised for your project, and how much self-development is expected of the Drupal agency. Depending on the solution, dependencies and future-related costs will arise, which will need to be revised later for security reasons or for new functions.
  • Let the so-called back-end be one of the sample pages developed by the Drupal agency. This is the user interface which lets the website be managed by the operator. Functionality, clarity and design play an important role. Even websites that look amazing on the outside can fail to deliver on the inside.
  • Ask for an estimate that is as accurate as possible with fixed prices for individual tasks of the project. Paying on an hourly basis can quickly turn your project into a money pit. Only experienced Drupal agencies can make you an accurate quote.

Savings tip: a Drupal agency from India

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