Web Development in 2022

Web development is the pioneer of tech innovation in the 21st century. In the era where technology is an integral part of the human lifestyle, web development has become the keen focus of developers. For all the years web development has existed, its trends have been continuously evolving to keep up with user expectations and advancements of the era. The previous year has surely been a year of great advancements for web development but 2022 has to offer a lot more. Web development in 2022 is going to have a shift of massive scale as the competition within the web industry is increasing with each day passing. We evaluated some of the most epic trends that 2022 has in store for web development that will revolutionize the web development industry extensively.


Emerging Web Development Trends in 2022

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The processing of natural language through the incorporation of Machine Learning is the driving force behind the rise of AI-powered websites. Website development this year will be largely dependent on AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots that can easily communicate with human beings to increase user engagement and enhance their experience. Here are some statistics related to AI:

  • The use of AI among web developers has increased about 190% from 2018 to 2020
  • 70% of websites will adopt AI by the end of 2022
  • The annual growth rate of AI between the years 2020 and 2027 is expected to be 33.2%

Voice Navigation is Taking Over

Fast methods have become the top priority of people of the 21st century. No one has time for typing something when they can easily find it through voice-search. Therefore, a website needs to incorporate voice navigation within website designing so people will not have to spend extra effort on typing. Voice navigation makes a website more responsive and easier to use. It reduces the effort of scrolling and searching to a minimum hence websites must invest in it to compete with the rising web industry. Here are some interesting statistics related to voice search:

  • Almost 71% of internet users prefer to conduct queries through voice search rather than typing
  • 30% of web browsing was entirely based on voice search in 2021

Increasing Hype of Dark Mode UI

Dark mode does not have a long-term history in web development but over the past couple of years, it has become one of the most hyped trends in web development. 2022 is going to be a year where user expectations from dark mode user interface are going to increase hence web developers must invest in it to cope with user expectations. Several social media and web streaming platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have already incorporated dark mode UI making users expect this from every other surfing platform. However, the popularity of dark mode is not only because it’s new but because it has several benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Minimization of eye strain and dryness
  • With the same brightness, dark mode consumes less battery than light mode
  • Minimization of blue light emission

The Popularity of WordPress

WordPress development is indeed saving many start-ups as well as established businesses by providing them with a one-in-all content management platform. The open-source platform of WordPress is improving continuously, providing more and more advanced features to users. One of the most beneficial features of web development, Full Site editing is going to be incorporated in WordPress in 2022 and it will increase its level in CMS to the top. Below are some of the many benefits of WordPress:

  • Web hosting is hassle-free
  • Unlimited themes and styles to design your website
  • Plugins are easily available

The Emergence of Server-Less Architecture

Without having to care about basic infrastructure, you can build your web application using a server-less architecture that is making waves in the web development industry. In 2022, web designing using cloud computing instead of server software and hardware is the best way to minimize the cost of web development. The server-less architecture allows the developers to focus more on user experience (UX) hence the performance of websites enhance. Some technologies that you may use to create a server-less architecture are:

  • Amazon Server-less Application Model (SAM)
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • Microsoft Azure Functions

JavaScript is the King

JavaScript is surely the king of programming languages in 2022 for web development. The ease and effectiveness of JavaScript, its ability to create frontend, backend, and mobile applications all by using different libraries and frameworks make it one of the most interesting choices for web developers. From a simple UI to complex animation tools, JavaScript can do this all for you. Furthermore, JavaScript frameworks are continuously evolving, making it one of the best picks for developers to develop a website.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

PWA is used to run an application independently on mobiles so users can have a full-fledge native app experience. AMP works just like PWA as it simplifies the design of a web application based on the device it is running on. Both these technologies of web development are used to create a mobile responsive application so users will experience the website effectively on their smartphones. Both AMP and PWA are the rising trends of web platforms focusing on enhancing user experience. Below is the list of their benefits:

  • Smooth optimization
  • Low bounce rates
  • Adjustable to any browser
  • Increased conversion rates

Single Page Application (SPA)

Single Page Applications allow users to have a chaos-free-scrolling experience that is making SPA grow bigger over time. SPA is a webpage or website that runs on a browser and does not reload entirely when a portion of it needs reloading. The specific portion that needs to be refreshed is changed without impacting the entire webpage or website. This is mostly done using JavaScript APIs. Its benefits are listed below:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved optimization
  • Quick page load
  • Debugging is a lot less complex
  • Netflix, PayPal, Google Maps are implementing SPA

Improved Cybersecurity

With the increasing advancement of web technology, the threat of damage and theft to data on the internet also increases. As of 2021, there have been multiple incidents of data malware but in 2022, huge amendments must be made to ensure cybersecurity is implemented perfectly to minimize the threat of data loss and security attacks from hackers. Different cybersecurity innovations and enhanced privacy policies are being designed worldwide to improve cybersecurity in 2022. Analyzing suspicious activities is the best way to anticipate any security threat. Popular providers of cybersecurity are:

  • IBM
  • RSA
  • Cisco

Bottom Line

Web development in 2022 is going to have the most advanced features of the present era. As the competition in the industry is growing at a fast pace, you must also update your web tools and adopt new ones to stand out in the ever-evolving web industry. You may also define your business goals and outsource the web development process to expert Outsourcing firms. If you have some ideas and want to bring them to life with effortless implementation, reach out to our website Outsourcing4work.de and book a free consultation with our web development experts now!