If you are looking for a WordPress developer, you can save a load of time and money with offshore Outsourcing. Unlike Europe, where your search for an affordable WordPress developer can be hard, it is much easier in India. The country has been investing in its IT sector for years and has a wide range of affordable IT specialists from every area, thanks to its large population.

WordPress developers play an important role among them. The open source software is the world’s most widely used content management system (CMS) and is currently used on around 26% of all websites. Indian IT professionals are well-versed in everything from WordPress setup for custom online presences up to the professional development of WordPress extensions.

Looking for a WordPress developer who is also affordable

The vast majority of professional WordPress developers work in teams and small agencies on WordPress themes, which let a web developer set up the structure, design and type of website without any programming skills. A glance at the largest commercial theme marketplace, Theme Forest, reveals just how important themes are to WordPress. The platform manages over 22,000 professional WordPress themes. Then you have the thousands of themes found outside of Theme Forest. The total number is unknown, but the number may exceed well over 50,000 themes.

The second main activity for a WordPress developer is creating plugins, which supplement the CMS with any features it may be lacking. Thousands of IT professionals also work in this field, and many of them come from India. Programming techniques HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL are used for both themes as well as for plugins. In rare cases a WordPress plugin works together with a proprietary web service which was realised in a different technology such as ASP.NET or Python.

In any case, a professional WordPress developer will need to be very experienced as well as continuously educating themselves on further developments in the market. Ultimately, the CMS is updated frequently and themes and plugins must also continuously be updated in order to remain current and functional. Security plays an important role here, since badly developed expansions are the main gateway for hackers and cybercriminals. WordPress, as the market leading CMS platform, is especially exploited by hackers.

Experienced WordPress developer vs. code crafter

If you are looking for a WordPress developer, you should never cut corners when it comes to expertise. It is much better to hire an experienced WordPress developer from India than a mediocre developer from Europe for the same money.

You can even end up saving money this way. The salaries in the Asian country are so extremely low that even professionals with many years of experience working for international clients are affordable.

Outsourcing4work has specialised in exactly these professionals and offers a comprehensive approach for Outsourcing to Indian IT workers. Rather than limit ourselves to just procurement, we take over the responsibility for our clients’ projects as a European company. Out of our own self-interest, we use our own Scrum project managers who offer advice and assist our clients during the implementation phase. We are also flexible when it comes to the payment of these Indian WordPress professionals. We adapt ourselves to suit your needs – whether it is a project on an hourly basis, or a fixed price for a precisely-defined project.