If you are looking for a software developer, this is usually a challenge for both the recruiter and the teams who need one. Software developers are a highly sought after group, and a lot of time can pass before you find a suitable candidate.

Hiring one can be especially difficult due to the different salary expectations. Developers are well paid and they know it – if you are currently looking for a developer, then you are already well aware of this.

Have you tried looking into Indian developers?

If you have not yet used the IT services of an Indian Outsourcing provider, then this could be a new and lucrative investment for you. India has become the most important destination for offshore software development in the last fifteen years. With a market share of over 55% of the global IT Outsourcing market, more than half of all outsourced IT services are found in India.

Indian IT professionals are well-known for their excellent expertise. Do you remember the German Greencard which was an emergency program used to attract computer scientists from India and other non-EU countries to Germany to help cover the lack of IT professionals?

International clients can appreciate the excellent English language skills of many Indians, as well as a relatively non-bureaucratic management.

It’s therefore no wonder that many large corporations in IT have already built up their own large location there. IBM already employs more than 150,000 employees, Accenture has 80,000 Indian workers and even the software giant Oracle is well-represented with 31,000 employees.

No matter what kind of developer you need: India has them

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to find an application developer, an app developer or a web developer. The Indian IT sector is so large and internationally positioned that you can easily find suitable specialists even for exotic programming languages and development tools. The search is especially easy for most popular programming languages such as C/C++/C#, Java, Python and PHP.

Classic fields for IT Outsourcing to India include the areas of app development and web development with CMS systems or professional shop software. However, you can also find specialised agencies for other areas such as database development, Office development with Visual C# or Windows application development with .NET.

If you are also looking for a developer and think that Outsourcing to India could be something for you, then we can help.

Outsourcing4work has many years of experience in providing Indian IT professionals, and can easily find the necessary professional for you. Thanks to a large Indian partner network and excellent knowledge of the Indian Outsourcing market, we can easily find the right expert for every possible language.

We provide temporary employees, or realise defined projects at a fixed price with Indian partners. And if you need an entire team for a complex project, we can also help you without a problem. You can have a branch (light) in India with IT professionals who work exclusively for you.

Thanks to our project managers who specialise in Agile, Scrum and Kanban we ensure excellent cooperation even during the project phase. Because you conclude the contracts directly with us as a European company, you will not need to rely on an unknown Indian provider. We will then seek to provide an optimal implementation in your and our best interests.