If there is a developer needed in your company, then you understand the problem. Good software developers are expensive and have high demands. This starts with the salary, but special discounts and other factors such as the attractiveness of the location and a fun working environment are beginning to be more important.

Many IT companies now woo software developers with game zones in the office which have table football, ping pong or game consoles, free snacks and drinks or even a massage service to relax. Free further education programs and regular discount deals from partner companies are now almost standard. This trend started with internet companies like Google, and has now spread across the globe. A look at the Zalando website, or a detailed interview with Soundcloud will give you a good overview of the typical benefits of a growing internet company.

Developer needed? This could take some time

It’s no wonder that small and medium sized enterprises are finding it difficult to compete with this trend. If there is a developer needed, recruiting can be a long process. Your competition for the best in the business are bigger and hipper companies.

The high salary demands of experienced software developers are another problem. European companies compete in the global market and have to pay appropriate salaries. A typical salary for a PHP developer with three years of experience and a computer science degree is €60,000 in Germany. According to an international comparison by Gooroo Insights, you will need to add on at least €10,000 for other popular programming languages like C++, Python or Java.

IT Outsourcing as an alternative

Companies that are looking for a developer are increasingly turning to Outsourcing as an alternative. The big difference in salaries between India and Europe leaves lots of room to play – for significantly less money you can get a top qualified employee in the Asian country. Because there is much less effort required for recruiting, software developers will become immediately available.

India has set itself apart with its low salaries and high population – currently 1.2 billion – and has heavily invested in IT education, IT infrastructure and its own IT services sector. These efforts have paid off and today India is regarded to be a leading IT nation. Since 2005 the country has been the world’s leading exporter of software and IT services, and currently India has a handsome share of 55% of the global IT Outsourcing market.

Indian developer needed? We can help!

If you need a developer, we can help you focus on India as Outsourcing experts. Outsourcing4work has specialised in providing India software developers for many years. Thanks to our extensive network of Indian partners, we have access to a large pool of software developers for every possible language, including the most important languages like Java, C/ C++/C#, PHP and Python. You will easily find experts suited for your project with our help.

Outsourcing4work provides temporary employees, fixed price projects and teams that will work only for you for larger projects. With our project managers from Europe who specialise in Agile, Scrum and Kanban, we will take over the entire coordination. You can trust that the cooperation will be problem free. You conclude the contracts directly with us as a European company for your security, and are not dependent on the reliability of an Indian partner.