Professioneller Data Warehouse Entwickler

Data warehouse developers are sought after experts in these days of big data. More and more small and mid-sized companies are relying on analytical evaluation of their strong and fast growing data. While several years ago data warehouse developers were often based in the departments of large companies, this is no longer the case.

Being able to intelligently analyse data can be a decisive factor for business success nowadays. Expertise when working with data is now more in demand than ever, since access to available data grows exponentially. In addition to all the data present in the company, ranging from business transactions to processes, external data can also be increased or bought with the right expertise. A data warehouse developer will help structure this disorderly multidimensional data mountain, and intelligently evaluate it.

What does a data warehouse developer do?

Data warehouse developers provide the company with an overview. They collect information from all the different areas and data sources of the company, and present the data through analysis and query tools. They provide management and departments with customised applications to evaluate data. Since the data is usually found in badly networked databases, or even not found at all, this requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the respective business processes.

In order to be able to identify what data is relevant, data warehouse developers work closely with other departments such as finance, marketing and sales. This allows them to produce an IT infrastructure for data evaluation that saves both resources and costs.

A data warehouse developer knows what tools they need in order to be able to clean, standardise and collate data. This usually does not happen ad-hoc, but on the basis of a continuously maintained and optimised data warehouse. Experience in working with data models bases on relational databases is an absolute must.

In addition to data management, a data warehouse developer is also responsible for creating complex reporting/analysis/planning front ends. This is the only way that the database can become usable for the company and its employees. The developer will need to know the relevant questions to ask in order to develop the perfect design of the query and evaluation tools provided. Data filters, visualisation tools and an easy to use operation play an especially important role here.

A data warehouse developer will continuously put for proposals for the improvement of the data warehouse, together with management, and will also provide information on feasibility and additional applications.

A data warehouse developer’s expertise

Data warehouse developers should ideally have a solid background in computer science, mathematics and statistics and should be well-experienced in the most important database systems and languages. SQL, Oracle and SAP expertise are some of the most important skills. However, it completely depends on the company and its IT and the data that is to be evaluated. Every warehouse data developer should be experienced in the following tasks:

  • Data processing, data integration (staging) and further processing in the ETL process, in which data from multiple, and often very different, structured data sources are unified in a target databased.
  • Data storage, i.e. the long-term storage of data in the data warehouse.

  • Data evaluation and analysis.

  • Procurement and data storage of the separate databases necessary for analysis, aka the data marts.

  • General and thorough knowledge of multidimensional matrices (OLAP cubes) and online analytical processing (OLAP) is necessary for the aggregation of operational metrics and analysis.

Data warehouse developers from India

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