Among the IT companies in Darmstadt, Outsourcing4work GmbH offers a very special service to small and mid-sized enterprises with professional IT Outsourcing4work to India.

With twenty years of experience as an IT company, we already began building extensive experience in cooperation with India in the 90s. This expertise is invaluable for our clients today.

IT companies use Darmstadt as a gateway to the world

At the very beginning we sought to strengthen the development of our own software projects with Indian software developers. A new field of business gradually grew from this brilliant Outsourcing idea, and we now share our Outsourcing expertise with other IT companies.  Darmstadt has become the springboard to India through us.

From our office in Darmstadt we coordinate complex Outsourcing contracts for IT companies and other companies who would like to benefit from the high cost advantages in India.

As a specialist in the areas of software development and business process Outsourcing (BPO), other IT companies can take advantage of our own experience without any stress or financial loss when entering into offshore Outsourcing.

When Outsourcing IT projects to India expertise and technical knowledge in the following areas are necessary:

  • Experience in international contracts
  • Knowledge of the best providers in India
  • Project management over distance
  • Intercultural knowledge for effective communication

We are very experienced in all these areas and offer a comprehensive package to IT companies in Darmstadt, Germany and the rest of Europe.

More than just procurement on commission

We do not leave our clients alone after finding a provider, but instead take over the responsibility for the successful implementation of a software or BPO project as the European contracting partner.

To guarantee success, we work with our own project managers who specialise in Agile/Scrum and who will take over a large part of the technical coordination. We use our many years of experience to our advantage and reduce potential mistakes and risks to a minimum.

IT companies who use our services have a choice of a fixed-price project and a time-based invoicing for our Indian IT professionals. This allows for maximum flexibility. Large projects can also be realised with exclusive teams that you can hire.