Professional presence with outsourcing

If you would like to create a website, there are many different options. Nowadays you will find a huge amount of diversity: from manually developed online presences, to ready-to-use solutions, to modular designs, up to powerful content management systems (CMS). Depending on what your requirements are will decide which approach is the most suitable. Here are a few tips for different scenarios.

Create a company website

If you want to create a company website there are many different technical variants to consider. The two most important criteria for the decision making process are whether the website, in addition to being a representation of the company, should also be a complex service portal with lots of media formats and content, as well as the expected page views. For company websites with static individual pages and perhaps a blog with current information any CMS is more than enough to create a website, as well as WordPress and Joomla.

Complex websites with many manual adjustments by web developers often use CMS Drupal or Typo3.  Both systems have a reputation of requiring less server performance and offer a higher level of security against hacker attacks. Creating a complete company website in-house with web developers is only recommended in exceptional cases. Even some large corporations use existing CMS which can be adapted and expanded if necessary.

Create a product website

It is often simpler to create a product website, and the same factors apply as when creating a company website. It is usually easier to develop because a product website will often have much less content. For very graphically challenging multimedia presentations with a very original approach and few subpages, it might be best to complete the development work manually. If you are planning many individual product pages then it is easier to use a CMS to lighten the administrative load. You also combine the two concepts – the user won’t notice.

Create an artist website

If you would like to create an artist or portfolio website, WordPress or Joomla should be your first choice. There are a number of professional design templates specifically for artists on both free CMS. It is also relatively easy to realise image galleries and videos or sound clips. In addition, the administration and the setting up of new content is feasible even for non-experienced computer users.  You can also easily change the design in the future if needed.

Create a blog or news website

Blog and news sites use WordPress, even professional websites such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times. The CMS became popular is this exact field and is better suited to it than any other system. Joomla and Drupal are also used, but to a much lesser extent. There is a wide range of other CMS for specific topics that might be more appropriate in individual cases. It’s best to get advice before deciding on which software to use.

Create a website with Indian web developers

You will receive a website considerably cheaper with Outsourcing4work’s Indian IT professionals than would be possible with European web developers. You can still have a complex and elegant website even with a fixed budget.

You can have your website developed by a web agency at a fixed priced, or hire a temporary web developer and benefit from their expertise. We ensure that your wishes and requirements are fully respected throughout the process with the help of our experienced European project managers. And since you conclude contracts directly with us as a European company, you are always on the safe side.