Creating a professional website

Do you want to create a website, not compromise on design or functionality and still keep costs as low as possible? If you outsource the project to an Indian web agency, then this is not a problem.

There are many companies nowadays that have a website created by Indian IT professionals. Generally, popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are used. The web developer will build a website on this basic framework following the wishes of the customers. Special design templates (themes) and plugins are used which are suitable for different types of online sites such as corporate sites, portfolios, image galleries, forums, social networks or news sites. These are included in the CMS.

Creating a website – from WordPress to Dreamweaver

If you would like to create a site based on a CMS, usually a web designer is enough. They will add together the individual elements into a coherent whole, and will also have a special eye for aesthetics.

For complex projects it is often useful to hire a web developer because the existing CMS webpage code will need to be customised or expanded. This is especially true for changes to CMS templates or plugins.

You can also have a website created by a web developer without a server-side CMS. Depending on the complexity, the developer will then build the website individually with HTML, PHP, JavaScript and the appropriate graphics and text templates. The back end needed for content websites that are frequently updated will then usually not be required.

For such proprietary pages Adobe Dreamweaver is the CMS tool usually used. According to W3Techs, nearly 1.4% of all CMS pages are created with Dreamweaver worldwide. This is a respectable 7th place among all CMS systems. If you decide against WordPress, Joomla and the rest, Dreamweaver Pro is a good choice, although there are also other tools to create a website.

Most web developers who work in website development offer their services as a web agency and work in small teams or alone. Once the requirements for the planned project have been discussed in detail they can easily do their work at a distance. You can find many website developers on the global Outsourcing market, especially in India.

How to have Indian professionals create your website

Outsourcing4work can create a first-class web agency, as well as provide individual web designers and web developers from India. No matter if you need support or special expertise for an existing project, or are planning a completely new online presence.

We take over the responsibility for successful implementation, and guarantee you rates that local providers cannot compete with. Our very experienced European project managers ensure that your wishes and requirements are fully respected during the development stage. And since you conclude contracts directly with us as a European company, you are always on the safe side.

Depending on your needs you can carry out projects at a fixed price or hire temporary employees. With different working models, we have the right offer for any project size.