Find the right software developer

You can save a lot of money with C++ Outsourcing. In terms of salary, C++ developers play in the big leagues. According to the monthly comparison analysis by Gooroo Insights, a worldwide comparison shows that a C++ developer earns an average of around 90,000 US dollars. That means they earn even more than PHP developers, who are also highly sought after, and are nearly neck and neck with JAVA developers.

If you believe statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s leading professional organisation for software developers, C++ is on place three of the most popular programming languages worldwide, meaning the demand plays a key role.

C++ Outsourcing is therefore a great way to reduce the high costs for C++ software projects, even if you are only expanding an existing team of your own software developers with external C++ developers.

C++ is well known for its especially high efficiency, which is great for compute-intensive and complex applications. As C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup explained in an interview with Infoworld in 2014, no other language even approaches C++, as C++ is optimised for especially low-level programming on a high abstraction level.

Selection criteria for C++ Outsourcing

When we at Outsourcing4work provide Indian software developers for C++ Outsourcing, we pay attention to a variety of criteria to ensure the highest possible skill level.

Number one is that they have a demonstrable expertise. We take a close look at their background, certificates, titles and previous work and clients. A look at software projects they have already completed will tell you whether it is a good C++ Outsourcing provider.

References and customer reviews are another good way to see the expertise and experience of a C++ Outsourcing provider. Successfully completed projects and client reviews can be an excellent representation for well-established C++ software developers to show you why they should get the job.

C++ Outsourcing from India – we take the work off you

Outsourcing4work is happy to take over the main work for C++ Outsourcing, as well as the search for the right developer. At the same time, you can benefit from the large cost savings of Indian software developers, who often only charge a fraction of the rates of their counterparts in Europe.

With our help you can have a C++ project completed at a fixed price, or hire a software developer as a temporary employee. You can also hire an entire team of experienced C++ developers who will work for you in India.

When implementing complex software project you will remain on the safe side thanks to our many years of experience and our European project managers. All contracts are concluded with us as a European Outsourcing provider, even if the employees are working for you in India. This will protect you from any unpleasant surprises.