A decision with consequences

Typo3 has been one of the most popular content management systems for years. Its performance and variety of possible expansions have contributed to its success, as well as the fact that it is offered as a free system and is continuously further developed by very dedicated developers.

Typo3 developers are accordingly highly sought after. They develop and launch websites, administer systems and maintain content. But can clients ensure that a Typo3 freelancer will provide the knowledgeable and comprehensive support they need?

Typo3 freelancers – professionals with a risk factor?

Many Typo3 freelancers work with knowledge, passion for their work, a strong focus on their service and, according to their clients, very successfully both in Europe and abroad. Questioning the quality of their work would be in bad taste.

However, working with freelancers can also carry risks. And Typo3 freelancers sometimes face special challenges.

Typo3 freelancers – not – for every project

Working with a Typo3 freelancer is an important, sometimes decisive advantage for clients. These advantages include flexibility, potential cost savings and the ability to choosethe expert from a wide selection who has the greatest knowledge for a specific task.

There are some limitations that should be considered before deciding on a Typo3 freelancer:

  • Limited capacity:

Not only should the content of the projects or the tasks fit the expertise of the Typo3 freelancer, but their scope must also match their performance capacity. And it must be planned as carefully as possible so that no additional work arises that may exceed the capacity of the developer.

  • Flexibility is not a one-way street

Just as clients are able to change their cooperation with freelancers on short notice, or to end it, freelancers can also react spontaneously to changing requirements. Additional tasks can therefore lead to disproportionate increases in rates. Freelancers can let you down due to illness or other reasons. Or once they have completed the project they are not available for further, on-going work.

  • Freelancers often work alone.

And project work is team work. Freelancers must be to work alone and in a team at the same time, and to work smoothly with all involved. Before beginning work a client is unable to estimate whether or not an individual Typo3 freelancer has these soft skills. Some of the results or even the entire results of the project can be threatened by this.

Is there a solution?

Not really. Even sharing certain tasks amongst multiple freelancers does not guarantee a problem-free project. At worst only the effort of working together, and bugs or inefficiencies increase.

There are alternatives however, such as working with a centrally managed team of external experts who are permanently employed, controlled by an Outsourcing service provider and minimize risks without generating new ones. We (and other companies) offer clients a very wide range of expertise with the same or more flexibility than individual freelancers. We ensure that our employees have up to date expertise and the necessary soft skills before we offer them to our clients. We are also able to accommodate interruptions in the work or changing requirements at any time. And we offer all this to our clients from our headquarters in Germany, in German or English and without any linguistic, cultural or legal hurdles. (In this regard, we are far ahead of most of our competitors.)

Sounds good?

It is good. That’s why we look forward to your questions and requests. Give us a call or send us an email. We will answer your request within 24 hours guaranteed.