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These days, creating a company homepage is a must for every professional company. Web developers have a variety of approaches to use technologically and in the creation of a homepage. As far as which approach is the best depends on the intended online presence.

Create a company homepage with the help of a content management system

Nowadays, most company websites use a content management system (CMS, which lets you create and manage content on a site with an easy-to-use interface. Once the design and dynamic functions are set they remain untouched. New content appears on predetermined areas or as standalone pages and important basic elements such as graphics, menus, sidebars, and the general design are set uniformly for the whole website.

Open source systems WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Typo3 are the market leaders in this field. WordPress plays a special role among the various CMS, as no other interface is used as often, as can be seen in the statistics from the independent service W3Techs.

26.3% of all global-operated websites run on WordPress. If you only take CMS-based websites into account, that translates to a market share of 60%. Joomla is the second most used system with 2.7% or 6.1% among CMS-based sites. This is a significant difference between the two. The other systems rank closer in terms of market share: Drupal (2.6%), Magento (Onlineshop CMS; 1.3%), Blogger (1.2%), Typo3 (0.7%) and Bitrix (0.6%) are all CMS that let you create a website without any programming skills, just like WordPress.

Creating a company homepage: entirely custom development

Complete code-based website development is now mainly used for complex online presences with special effects and functions. Adobe Dreamweaver was once the market leader for website development, but is currently used for less than one percent of all websites.

If one has a developer completely design a company website, a developer really only creates those features, designs and effects that cannot be realised with a CMS. PHP, in combination with CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other techniques, is generally the programming language used. PHP web applications usually generate lots of dynamic content for a specific user at one moment. The computational work is performed primarily on the web server while an SQL database is generally used for the necessary data management.

Web developers therefore must be well-experienced in an entire set of complicated technologies. Proprietary web application development is generally very lengthy and is rarely worthwhile for company homepages.

WordPress and Co. – Usually the right choice

Almost anyone who wants to create a company homepage uses a CMS. WordPress and its competitors will provide a functional basic structure for a website which includes a convenient backend for managing the site and publishing content. A custom development will need to create this backend at the same time as the website.

Themes and templates are used for the frontend design and specify the appearance and the arrangement of the articles, pages and all other visible elements. Additional features that are not necessary for every website can be added with the help of plugins.

A CMS can be easily integrated into other pages, such as static pages created by hand or by visually linked external pages in the basic structure.

Creating an affordable company homepage

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