Develop your own PHP application

CodeIgniter, Zend and Yii are the three most popular web application frameworks based on PHP with which you can create dynamic websites, web applications and web services.

 If you are planning to develop your own PHP application, you should know the most important differences between the various PHP frameworks, and not leave the choice up to an external web developer. Here is a small summary of the most significant differences.

CodeIgniter: mini-framework with a turboboost

CodeIgniter is an easy to use PHP framework with high performance, which is well documented and also easy to learn. In addition to PHP, it assumes experienced in object-oriented programming. CodeIgniter does not impose a specific programming style onto the developer, however a clear model view controller approach (MVC) is used for the structure of the software development. As CodeIgniter libraries only load if needed, the resource consumption is low – which especially pays off in high traffic. The scope of features however is limited.

Zend framework: battleship

Zend framework consistently uses the model view controller approach (MVC) and allows for easy change of developers and clear project structures. Logic and GUI are always separated in Zend. Due to strict modular principles, Zend is a bit more inflexible in development than CodeIgniter. The learning curve is very steep, and complex applications require high development costs. In terms of performance, Zend is regarded as somewhat slow, but the framework offers a very wide range of features and several add-on packages. Zend_SOAP and Zend_XMLRPC packages let you easily incorporate a RPC style SOAP server and the appropriate client applications.

Yii: king of performance

Yii is similar in many approaches to Ruby on Rails, and is seen as a high performance framework. In terms of speed, it even leaves CodeIgniter behind in the dust. In comparison to CodeIgniter, Yii offers a significantly larger range of functions, but the setup and training time is a bit longer. You can easily create CRUD database queries for input fields, models and views with the built in code generator.

CakePHP: right in the middle and secure

Like CodeIgniter, CakePHP only requires minimal configuration and can be learned relatively easily. CakePHP does not need its own database, existing database tables can be used with prefixes. CakePHP supports IBM DB2, Firebird, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Sybase, in addition to AdoDB and ODBC, which makes it very easy to connect to existing systems. Integrated work tools protect against attacks such as SQL injection. The documentation is considered to be extensive but also badly structured and maintained, which can lead to problems.

Symfony: extensive and practical

Symfony, like Zend, lacks for nothing in terms of functionality and scope, and is very suitable for high end web applications. In comparison to Zend it is somewhat more performant and, thanks to a first-rate documentation, developing challenging projects is a bit easier.

How you can develop web applications cheaply

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