Cobol Developer

COBOL is a dinosaur from the prehistory of computer development. The language was created about 60 years ago as a common business oriented language and was initially used with punch cards and line printers.

Despite its age COBOL is still used today, especially in older mainframe systems in the economic and public sectors. Because nowadays hardly any developers are trained in COBOL, there is a large demand for them once again.

Whenever an old COBOL system needs to repaired, expanded or replaced, you need an experienced COBOL developer. It’s extremely hard to find one however, because the existing COBOL developers are starting to retire.

Hardly anyone wants to be a COBOL developer

Computer science students see COBOL as a dying technology, and for good reason. They prefer to focus on languages with a future, such as C++, PHP or Java. According to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s leading professional organisation for software developers, COBOL, in comparison to other languages, is found on place 42 in popularity.

In contrast, according to the American software company CAST, COBOL is used in at least a third of all IT financial service systems.

Companies with COBOL based technology are left with just a few options. They can replace proven and very stable systems with new technology, or bite the bullet and pay a lot of money. However you look at it, COBOL developers are not the easiest to come by. To change over to a modern system a COBOL developer must be on your side, just as in the migration of databases.

COBOL developers from India as a solution

COBOL is not especially popular in emerging economies such as India. But some software companies have recognized the current lack as an opportunity and now offer COBOL developers on the global Outsourcing market. The developers are often experienced Delphi developers with a soft spot for mainframes, which makes COBOL interesting for them.

If you are struggling to find a COBOL developer, we can help you. Outsourcing4work can help companies find a suitable COBOL developer from India, despite the current lack of developers.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners in India, we have access to experienced COBOL developers. Due to the considerable wage gap between Germany and India, costs are kept to a minimum with us.

With a contract with us as a European company, you will not encounter any risks. We support you from start to finish in your search for a COBOL developer, through the project phase and assist with the developer’s payment. In addition, one of our experienced project managers will always be at your side and will ensure smooth communication and cooperation.