Right web design agency

When selecting a web design agency, technical and cost aspects play a role, but your website should also be visually impressive. All these points must be carefully considered before deciding on a specific web design agency.

Before you ask for quotes from various web developers, you should try to conceptually define your future website as closely as possible. You can do this by studying existing online presences.

Factors for selecting a web design agency

The more you know about what your future website should look like, the easier you can put together the selection criteria for the right web design agency. Take a look through 10-30 websites which are similar to your online project. Your top favourites will quickly emerge and you can mark these down as your main examples. This also applies to aspects that are particularly important to you.

Generally, you can differentiate between the following basic types of websites which web design agencies specialise in.

Informative website

An informative website presents information on one or more topics, and usually consists of very many text-based pages, supplemented with image and video material, depending on the topic. This approach is used by private individuals, as well as companies or organisations which have special expertise in a particular subject.


A blog, or weblog, is a kind of chronological diary or online journal with successively published articles. A website can consist of only a blog, or it is also possible to operate a blog on a complex website. The borders between informative websites and blogs are very fluid, and both types of websites are the daily bread and butter of a web design agency. A large number of website operators use CMS solutions such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal for blogs and informative websites.

Online shops

You should hire a specialised web design agency for an e-commerce site. The development effort is much higher, especially if you are planning an online shop with many hundreds or thousands of products. OXID eShop, Shopware, PrestaShop and osCommerce are some of the better-known names, and Magento is the undisputed market leader.

Social networks, Web 2.0 pages

If you are planning your own social network, and have certain design specifications and specific functions you would like, then you probably need one or more specialised web developers. There are CMS software modules you can use such as BuddyPress (WordPress) or JomSocial (Joomla), but in most cases complex adjustments with large amounts of code work are essential. For Web 2.0 pages which do not want to be clones of Facebook or Reddit, and which want to use a totally new concept of interaction, it almost always requires complete interface programming.

Web-based applications

Web-based applications are actually programs executed in web browsers, and not websites in the traditional sense. Two examples of this are Sketchpad or Gliffy, but web variants such as Skype, Spotify or even Google Mail are also web applications. To develop web applications you need a very experienced web developer – a normal web design agency will most likely be overwhelmed.

Save costs with an Indian web design agency

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