Website developers usually use CMS

If you are looking for a website developer to create a professional website, they don’t have to be expensive. A lot has happened in the area of web design, and what was once considered to be highly complex is nowadays simply a standardised service.

Website developers usually use CMS

An overwhelming number of all websites nowadays run content management systems, CMS for short. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most well-known providers. A website developer who designs a website with the help of a CMS will have significantly less work than one who has to create a fully developed website on their own.

WordPress and other content management system are software packages that work with PHP and SQL technology which are installed on a web server and prepare the basic structure of a website. Once it has run, the first version of the website is already finished and is then adapted via a control surface and development work on an individual level to fit to what the client wants.

Setup and customisation

The layout, the navigation menus and the subpages can be relatively easily changed. Templates are used for the design and special functions – for portfolio sites, corporate sites, blogs and media sites – such as for the online presence of news sites. The often very elaborate creation of these templates are the main task of modern website developers. Virtually every modern CMS has a support plugin to target any lacking features for an update.

Website developers are also generally responsible for the selection, creation, customisation and, where appropriate, the targeted development of plugins to jazz up the website as needed.

Website developer vs. web designer

When it comes to the customisation of existing CMS software, the term website developer doesn’t really fit. As a large part of a website is no longer developed nowadays, but instead various available elements are put together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. For this reason, the term web designer is more often used than a website developer. Web designer also includes any associated graphic or visually-oriented work on logos, fonts, buttons, layouts and the general arrangement of all elements.

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