Certified Scrum Masters

Certified Scrum Masters are indispensable in today’s software development. They act as a project manager within the Scrum principle for agile project management.

The Scrum method splits the highly complex and very collaborative process of software development into small units with individual tasks and clear responsibilities. In addition to the software developers engaged in development work, there is a separate product owner in addition to a Certified Scum Master. The product owner represents the interests of the customers, users and other possible stakeholders.

Unlike a product owner, a Certified Scrum Master purely concerns themselves with the framework requirements for a successful project outcome. They are different to a traditional project manager, who often also acts as the product owner as well as the facilitator and service provider for the development team. This separation ensures clear responsibilities, and also helps to avoid conflicts of interest.

Certified Scrum Master: the seal of approval of the Scrum Inventor

The Scrum method can be learned relatively quickly, and you can become a very successful Scrum Master even without certification. In professional software development within companies Certified Scrum Masters are often used.

The term Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is protected and stands for certification from the Scrum Alliance, which was conceptualised by Scrum co-founder Ken Schwaber. To become a Certified Scrum Master, you must successfully complete a course from the Scrum Alliance, as well as an exam. In addition, a Scrum Master must renew their certificate every two years. This ensures that the Certified Scrum Master retains all the knowledge they have learned.

Certified Scrum Master for successful offshore team management

We at Outsourcing4work do not only provide IT experts from India, but also ensure successful project management with a Certified Scrum Master. Our clients can take advantage of the large cost savings that result from using Indian IT professionals, without worrying about problems with coordination, communication, mentality and time differences.

With a Certified Scrum Master our clients always have a specialist by their side, one who is involved in all important details of the team work.

No matter if you opt for an offshore project at a fixed price, or for temporary employees – one of our Certified Scrum Masters will always be with you. Clients who decide on dedicated employees or on a branch (light) in India can especially appreciate this special service.