Owner of an online Shop

Nowadays almost anyone can create their own online shop. You just need a bit of technical skill and enough free time to be able to create your own e-commerce website without anyone else’s help, and, in fact, it is only recommended to have outside help in rare cases. You can also hand over the complex task to a freelancer or to a specialised agency like those in India at a low price.

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are especially popular for smaller shop projects, or free shop CMS solutions like Magento Community Edition or OXID eShop Community Edition.

As the most popular CMS, there are extensions for WordPress such as WooCommerce, wpShopGermany, GetShopped, Jigoshop and Shopp which let you expand upon an already existing blog to create an online shop or to build a completely separate shop that you can then load into the backend of WordPress and manage. Magento CE is a complete shop system which is extremely flexible and has become the undisputed market leader over the last few years.

Create your own online shop: what really matters

Most online shops follow an established basic structure which has been proven around the world. A basic framework serves as the design for the shop website. This is set by a design template, just like nearly every shop solution and CMS. Professional design templates can either be bought off the rack from vendors or you can have a web designer specialised in the shop software create it for you. If you have never done it before, then it is best not to try it yourself and leave it to the professionals, since you will need experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP in addition to creativity.

Once the e-commerce software is installed and the template is set up, you can create specific components for your online ship. This requires less technical skill than a design template. This includes setting up product groups and categories, a taxonomy and of course, individual product descriptions with the appropriate images. Each shop software offers a unique interface in which you enter the corresponding information in certain fields and it stores one record per product.

Other technical tasks such as setting up a payment system and securing the shop website against hacker attacks and online scammers should most definitely be done by an expert. The same also applies to the often all-too-neglected issue of performance optimisation through code customisation or special services.

It depends on the specific project itself if it is better to hand over either partial or full development to a professional. From a simple online shop that is manually managed, up to a fully-automated shop with a ticket system for support requests, integrated accounting and payment procedure or an even an entire merchandise management system – there is a wide range of possibilities.

Have your own online shop made in India

If you want to use the help of professionals but only have a limited budget, there is always the option to hire a shop developer from India. Indian developers cost a fraction of the price of their European colleagues. Outsourcing4work can help you find the right professionals at your request. We have many years of experience in the procurement of Indian IT professionals and have established relationships with many excellent providers.

We can offer you an entire range of IT Outsourcing options, from shop development at a fixed-price to temporary employees, even up to an entire team that will work exclusively for you. Our Scrum project managers will ensure optimal implementation during the project phase. You conclude the contracts directly with us, and we then ensure professional implementation.