Save money with C developers

If you want to find an experienced software developer for Visual C# via C# Outsourcing, India could be the solution. Over the last two decades the country has developed in the world’s largest Outsourcing market for IT specialists. C# Outsourcing plays a large roll due to the overwhelming popularity of this programming language.

Software developers for Visual C# mainly create software for the .NET platform from Microsoft. The software giant developed C# as an object oriented programming language especially for this reason, and based it on concepts from Java, Haskell C and Delphi programming languages. C# Outsourcing plays a role especially for large, internally networked programs and e-commerce, e-business or web services.

Why C# Outsourcing is booming

C# software is Windows software, although the language can also be used with Mono project which runs under Linux or Mac OS X. And although sales of Windows PCs have slowed over the last few years, the operating system is still the undisputed number one worldwide. Microsoft is also constantly further developing the .NET platform, and has made many software tools, services and documentation available for free, or very cheaply, to the developer community.

Microsoft also marketed a popular framework within the .NET technology group with ASP.NET, which can also be used for C#. C# developers are therefore very diversified and in high demand. C# is on place 5 of the world’s most used languages. This is of course reflected in salaries.

According to the monthly comparison analysis by Gooroo Insights, a worldwide comparison shows that a C# developer earns an average of around 82,000 US dollars. C# Outsourcing to low-wage countries will save good money right off the bat.

C# developers from India

C# Outsourcing to India occupies a very special position here. The Indian IT industry employs around 3 million IT workers, and provides more than half of worldwide Outsourcing software developers on the market. This includes thousands of experienced C# developers.

With Outsourcing4work, you can use this enormous potential to your advantage by C# Outsourcing. We provide you with Indian C# developers individually or as a team – temporarily or for a project at a fixed rate. With our help, you can also create your own branch (light) with your own team in India for large software projects.

We do not limit ourselves to pure procurement in C# Outsourcing. You can conclude the contract directly with us, and will not need to worry about any uncertainties. Our own project managers from Europe will ensure problem-free implementation. Thanks to our many years of experience in the Indian IT industry we will ensure efficient communication without misunderstandings during the project phases. Cultural differences will not stand in the way of a successful project.