If you are looking for a C developer for your company it can become an expensive search. And you can also expect that the search will take a while. There is a great skills shortage currently in the IT sector. And since C and its derivatives C++ and C# are some of the most highly sought after programming languages, finding the right specialist can be difficult and expensive.

What are C++ and C developers needed for?

C is especially popular for hardware-oriented development. Operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS X are written for the most part in C and the language was explicitly intended for the development of the system. A further area of application is device drivers or also control software for hardware.

In many areas however, C has been replaced by C++. C++ contains the complete commands from C, but makes object-oriented programming possible. Source code written in C++ is considered to be more sustainable since it can be better organised through extensions and is more understandable for other developers.

And in terms of performance, C++ can hold its own against C. As C++ developer Bjarne Stroustrup explained in an interview with Infoworld in 2014, no other language even comes close to the efficiency of C++. The code of C++ is extremely fast even for complex tasks. The language is optimised for machine-level programming on a high abstraction level.

Looking for an affordable C developer? Not an easy task

According to the monthly comparison analysis by Gooroo Insights, a global survey shows that a C++ developer earns an average of around 80,000 US dollars. In Germany, salaries are somewhat lower, but as statistics from gehalt.de show, C is still in lead.

Therefore, large companies with complex requirements like to recruit young C++ and C developers directly from university. They are attracted by generous starting salaries and attractive offers with hands-on training. Another strategy often used by mid-sized enterprises is offshore Outsourcing part of or all of the software development. This means that professionals are found faster and do not need to be employed long term by the company.

In addition, Outsourcing to offshore service providers in India will also lead to significant savings. Software developers in India often offer their services at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in Europe. You will not need to compromise on quality and professionalism, a fact that is shown by the large interest shown by IT corporations to Indian software developers.

IBM currently employs more than 150,000 employees in India – a huge number for the company, but not difficult given the billion-person population. Accenture employs 80,000 employees in India and Oracle is also well-represented with more than 31,000 Indian employees. And internet giant Google employs more staff in Indian than in any other foreign branch, even though it is still relatively young compared to the previous companies.

C developer needed – Outsourcing4work can help

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