Clever C++/C Outsourcing allows projects to be realised faster at significantly lower costs. This is especially true if the company does not have its own development department with the necessary expertise. It can cost a lot of time and money to find the right professionals and to create an efficient team.

Even recruiting just one C++/C developer can take anywhere from several months up to a year. And if a company cannot offer an above-average salary, an good location or any interesting benefits, then there needs to be something to attract developers.

C++/C Outsourcing: which language is needed?

C++/C software developers are a complex species. Both programming languages are especially popular for complex hardware-oriented software projects. Therefore, suitably trained software developers are especially well-paid. Thanks to the global widespread use of the two languages, C++/C Outsourcing to cheaper countries can be a good alternative.

Syntactically, C++ is an extension of C and all C commands are also present in C++. A C program can almost always be compiled with a C++ compiler without any changes.

Nowadays, C++ is usually used instead of C. It makes object-oriented programming possible, which significantly reduces the effort involved. At the same time, it is also more future-proof: C++ source text can be better organised with extensions, which is then easier to understand for other developers.

However, C still plays an important role, especially for very low-level programming such as operating systems and driver development. This especially applies if the software should be able to run on different processors. C compilers exist as C++ compilers for many platforms, and for every less common processor there is often a C compiler.

C++ / C Outsourcing to India

C++ / C Outsourcing to low-wage countries is becoming increasingly popular due to the IT skills shortage, just like in other languages. India is of particular note here, since no other country has a comparable Outsourcing-focused IT sector which is as large as India’s.

In comparison to their European colleagues, an equally or even better trained C++ / C developer from India can be found at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the potential savings this type of software Outsourcing offers, it also gives you more opportunities such as the chance to use expensive technologies or large teams of developers.

Thanks to the Scrum method for project management, which is now used all over the world, experienced Indian software developers can be easily integrated into existing teams. Including Outsourcing workers is especially simple if the project is already being virtually worked on across multiple locations. After introducing the development and collaboration tools, as well as a functional setup for virtual team meetings and the Scrum workflow, nothing will stand in the way of collaboration over distance.

C++ / C Outsourcing at Outsourcing4work

We at Outsourcing4work have a lot of experience in C++ / C Outsourcing for European companies. Communication is in English and the Indian C++ / C developers lack for nothing in terms of expertise.

Trained project managers ensure there are no misunderstandings due to cultural or differences or other work styles. We as an Outsourcing agency use our own Agile/Scrum specialists for this task. They can be a big help for new clients who have little to no experience with India. Our Scrum professionals ensure optimal communication and efficient teamwork across distance and time zones.

We offer much more than just pure procurement or project mediation, as the years have shown. Both our clients and our Indian partners appreciate our very exclusive Outsourcing know-how. Another factor that considerably facilitates the collaboration is the fact that we take responsibility for the contract and payment as a European contract partner. With us, you will not encounter any tax, legal or bureaucratic hurdles.