“When the boss leads his company from bed„

When the boss leads his company from bed

How a severely disabled man from Groß-Gerau, Germany runs an internationally successful company

DARMSTADT (PM). Although he often cannot leave the house for months and spends most of his time in bed because of his severe illness, CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome. He runs an internationally successful company with more than 100 employees: Khalid Nadeem Arif, founder and CEO of Outsourcing4work [https://www.outsourcing4work.de/]. The impressive story of this courageous man from Groß-Gerau, Germany shows how much people can achieve despite severe limitations. And that strokes of fate may also bring opportunities.

A slogan with potential: Outsourcing4work – remote solutions

The expansion of the remote model of Outsourcing4work started long before Covid-19. It is a prime example of companies that successfully engage in digital infrastructure. More than ten years ago, Khalid Nadeem Arif, a Pakistani-born entrepreneur, made the decision to take a close look at working from home. The reason for this was an illness that made it impossible for him to leave his bed at all. Instead of giving up his company, he gradually converted it into one that is Remote Guru. The IT and HR services company now takes on assignments from all over the world and employs more than 100 people from 17 countries. They all work together remotely, from a distance. Managed and supported by the man who, at the beginning of his career, would hardly have guessed the dimensions his remote model would one day reach. As an intermediary for Indian IT specialists, the innovative infrastructure is also a central core of the business model. Sometimes Khalid Nadeem Arif is a little surprised by his own strength: “Today, I often can’t leave the house for months and spend most of my time in bed,” says Arif [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZxDExiqsAc]. “As soon as my health allows it, I start working, until I have to recover again in a very quiet and dark room. Despite my illnesses, by the grace of God, I lead a happy and very grateful life. I have been running my company Outsourcing4work GmbH mainly from my bed for many years”.
The friendly man from Groß-Gerau, Germany, has such a positive effect that his enthusiasm and zeal can infect people in a similar situation. And that is precisely his goal: to motivate and empower men and women with disabilities.

Diverse plans for the future

With his example, Khalid Nadeem Arif not only wants to encourage people with illness and disability but also to support anyone interested in discovering the possibilities of remote work for themselves. In addition, the dedicated Hessian wants to continue to grow internationally with his Remote Guru company and create 1,000 new jobs in Pakistan over the next five years, primarily, of course, as remote jobs. “One of the positive effects of my illnesses is that it made me a specialist in remote work,” Khalid Nadeem Arif explains with a smile, already thinking about his next big project; from his bed in Germany, he wants to turn an economically backward town in Pakistan into an IT hub for remote work.

Introducing the company

Arif explains to each new employee in an internal company memo how he runs the company despite massive health limitations, how the cooperation with employees works, and what other work opportunities exist at Outsourcing4work. Khalid Nadeem Arif and his team at Outsourcing4work also inform outsiders about the many possibilities of remote work. Therefore, the company organizes various events [https://www.outsourcing4work.de/events/] More about Outsourcing4work’s exciting work and the company’s dedicated CEO can also be found on the company’s website [https://www.outsourcing4work.de/]. Detailed information on the background of the 1000Jobs4Rabwah project in Pakistan can also be found at https://1000jobs4rabwah.com/.