Digital teams: remote working tools for IT startups in 2021

Home offices and remote working have been part of everyday life since the Corona pandemic. For IT startups and international companies, however, decentralized teams have recently become the norm. Thanks to digital infrastructures, physical presence is no longer a prerequisite for successful collaboration. Today, digital teams can access and collaborate on projects from anywhere.

However, for remote working to succeed, clear structures and regular agreements are a must. A number of practical remote working tools make digital workflows organized, manageable and efficient. Whether sessions are for feedback, team brainstorming for a customer project or sharing documents – digital tools will simplify the interaction within the team. At Outsourcing4work, we have been working exclusively remotely for 10 years. Here we talk about which tools you should implement in your home office. 

5 practical remote working tools in 2021

For an overview in project management: Trello

When many employees are working on a project, good and long-term organization is an essential requirement. Who is working on a concept for the new landing page? Has the blog post already been released? And what is the deadline for the client’s homepage? With Trello, you can create cards for each task, distribute to-dos to your team members and give clear instructions on deadlines, budget and requirements. Links, comments, photos and documents can also be attached to each card. Thanks to the program’s clear interface, you’ll always be able to keep track of the status of your projects.    

Accurate time tracking with Time Doctor 

An ideal time and productivity tracker for any team working remotely is Time Doctor. The web-based software offers numerous tools such has minute-by-minute time tracking and work session control. Other handy features such as invoicing and reminders support remote office operations and employee productivity.    

For spontaneous communication and larger conferences: Go-to-Meeting   

Complex issues and cross-departmental projects are usually better discussed in live meetings and video conferences. For smooth conferences with up to 250 participants, Go-to-Meeting is a tool that is as uncomplicated as it is reliable. Meetings can be started with just one click, and all conversations are securely encrypted via SAML SSO login. Thus, even large meetings are possible virtually.     

Project management with Jira   

Whether software development, task management or bug tracking: With Jira, remote teams can keep track of all work in the team and manage in an efficient manner. Integrated Scrum and Kanban boards are built into the Jira software and can be used directly. Task status, workflow, development steps and teamwork can be clearly tracked, analyzed and overviewed.     

Mobile applications with Office 365   

The cumbersome process of sending documents back and forth takes up time and is inconvenient. Office 365 combines intelligent cloud services with maximum security. Applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be organized in the cloud – so team members can access and edit documents together from different devices. Applications are always up-to-date in the subscription model, streamed on-demand and synchronized on devices that are connected to the respective Microsoft account.   


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