What are the most popular programming languages for 2021?

What are the most popular programming languages and which ones should you know now? Whether it’s app applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, web development, dynamic websites or programming a backend system, you need the right programming language for everything. In the following article, you will learn which of them will be important in 2021.

What makes a programming language? 

You need programming languages to control the performance of a computer, smartphone, tablet or machine. There are now numerous programming languages, each of which has its own special features and advantages and disadvantages. These languages can be divided into types, each of which supports specific programming styles.

Every year more programming languages are added, but only some of them make it to general popularity. The most popular programming languages currently include C and C++, Java, Python, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, R, TypeScript, Go, and Kotlin.

Which programming language is the best?

The best programming language for your project depends on the type of app, software, and general programming. Below, you’ll learn which languages are among the most popular, what makes them tick, and what advantages and disadvantages they bring to the table.

  • C and C++
    For the field of system and application programming, C and C++ are among the best programming languages. C++ is an extension that builds on the C language. Both are mainly used for programming various elements for computer games, app applications and operating systems. The advantage here is that they are suitable for complex, hardware-related applications and there are already many examples and templates that programmers can use. The disadvantage is that a developer must already have the necessary experience to use the programming language appropriately.
  • Java
    Java has a certain similarity to C and C++. Especially extensive web applications in the backend area use Java because it increases the functionality of websites and apps. For this purpose, the “Java Virtual Machine” is used, which is a kind of emulator of an independent computer. This allows files to be saved and modified. This interpreter helps to be able to use Java on any computer. Another advantage is the good object orientation that the language offers. As a disadvantage, it should be mentioned that Java can have security gaps and the programming language is not well suited for Apple smartphones.
  • Visual Basic
    Microsoft developed Visual Basic as early as 1991. This language uses a visual development environment and facilitates the development of Windows applications in particular. It is particularly powerful, easy to read and the source code is particularly comprehensible. Thus, the relevant advantage is that Visual Basic can be used quickly for small applications. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that the language is not suitable for complex applications.
  • Python
    The Python programming language is particularly object-oriented and can be used in a variety of ways. The simple syntax is particularly suitable for new programmers who have little experience. Above all, the language is used for web applications and user interfaces. You can find Python in Rasperry Pi and in some scientific libraries. Another advantage is that the programming language requires fewer codes. On the other hand, the slow execution and that the language is not equally suitable for all applications is considered a disadvantage. In addition, programming errors can be found only with difficulty.
  • C#
    C# is also an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft, which is why it is usually used as Visual C# with the .NET Framework. The language is very similar to Java and is particularly suitable for programming games for computers or the Xbox. C# is therefore ideal for programming complex app applications and has a high compatibility with Windows. The disadvantage is that the programming language is not well suited for other platforms and that licensed products from Windows are required to use the language.
  • PHP
    For websites and intranet pages, the PHP programming language is very advantageous. It is suitable for backend control and can determine, for example, which elements are visible. PHP is mostly combined with CSS, JavaScript and HTML is an open source and is supported by the most common server types. One argument against using this programming language is that PHP can increase the server load and thus possibly reduce the loading speed of a website.
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript is a particularly dynamic scripting language used by many websites. It is applied for displaying pop-ups, advertising banners or plausibility checks for data entries. The language is easy to learn but is not well suited for complex applications.
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript is a complement to JavaScript. Once the program runs in the browser, the utility translates the TypeScript code into JavaScript. The programming language was developed by Microsoft and is still being worked on and improved.
  • R
    The R language is considered statistical software and is object-oriented as well as interactive. It is used to program statistical analyses, graphics and simulations. R is free of charge and offers a good performance for it. For beginners, however, the programming language is relatively difficult to learn.
  • Go
    Go tries to optimize simplicity, conciseness, readability, concurrent operations and performance. This is to create a simple program code that can be used efficiently. However, a disadvantage is that the programming language cannot provide many of the features of Java.
  • Kotlin
    Kotlin is highly compatible and was developed by the company JetBrains. The programming language can be combined with Java and offers the same performance with less code. Thus, it is a good complement for programming app applications.

Finding the right programmers

If you have already decided on a programming language for your IT project, all you need is the right programmer or software engineer who will then implement your ideas quickly and easily.

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