Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)-
Relieve the burden on your HR department

There are many reasons why Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can be worthwhile for your company. In addition to cost efficiency, Outsourcing your entire recruitment process may offer a more flexible approach. While an RPO partner sources and provides you with the right candidates, you can focus on the essentials of your business.
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These are the benefits of an RPO model

When you outsource your recruitment process to an RPO service provider to take care of some or all of your recruitment activities, this may be beneficial for your company. Outsourcing your recruitment process, can offer the following benefits for your company:

• Reduced workload for your HR department, as outside sourcing is done
• No or too few applications are received
• Reduced recruiting costs
• There is too little know-how about recruitment processes


An RPO service provider makes use of “Active Sourcing” to find suitable thereby reducing the stress on your HR department.
The benefits are manifold and include the following:

• Reduced transparent costs
• Knowledge transfer of your RPO partner directly to your company
• Optimization of personnel planning
• Reliable and continuous recruitment of potential candidates
• Flexibility and fast adjustment of personnel requirements
• Concentration on the essentials of business


Choose the right RPO model

Before deciding on an RPO model, you should compare the different recruitment Outsourcing and process methods. Take a closer look at which model fits your company’s unique needs.

Before deciding on an RPO model, ask yourself the following questions:

• Are your company’s staffing needs temporary or unlimited?
• Do you want to change existing recruiting processes in the long term?
• Is relieving your HR department of certain tasks important to you?


A detailed consultation with an RPO provider of your choice will give you important insights when choosing the right recruitment process Outsourcing (RPO) solution:

End-to-end RPO
With an end-to-end RPO solution, your RPO partner provides your organization with both on-site and remote consultants. In consultation with your HR department, they will implement the recruitment process from A to Z. This model includes sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting onboarding activities, and even creating employer branding.

Project RPO
Companies that want to cover a special need for new employees as part of a time-limited project benefit most from a project RPO solution. In this case, your RPO partner does not take over your company’s entire recruiting process, but rather searches specifically for suitable specialists for your project.

Selective RPO
With selective RPO, you specifically choose the areas of your recruitment that you want to outsource. Sourcing and vetting processes are handled by your RPO provider while interviewing candidates takes place in-house.

Recruiters on-demand
When short-term staffing becomes necessary, RPO-on-demand is the right model for your business. To respond as flexibly as possible to your staffing needs, your RPO partner will provide you with as many recruiters as you need. This model guarantees that you can respond quickly to changes in staffing capacity without having to adjust your actual recruiting process.

Cost efficiency in Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Depending on the RPO model you choose, the cost of your recruitment process Outsourcing solution is based on a fixed project or management fees. End-to-end methods are based on a cost model with a guaranteed minimum volume. In this case, you pay your RPO provider on a per-job basis.

However, as a general rule, recruitment process Outsourcing (RPO) costs less than hiring a recruiter.


Implementing your recruitment process Outsourcing (RPO)

Before implementing your recruitment process outsourcing, get detailed advice from an appropriate RPO partner. Outsourcing4work offers you remote solutions for your recruitment process as a consultant in personnel matters. Benefit from over 28 years of experience with a future-oriented remote model.

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