Most Web applications run on PHP. The scripting language has become popular throughout the world and can count on a worldwide community with millions of developers and users. ASP.NET plays a significant role in web applications, websites and web services, as it is used in nearly 16% of all websites. Although this does not sound like much, it is actually in second place. I would like to give a brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses provided by the two web technologies in my ASP.NET vs. PHP comparison.

The main differences between ASP.NET and PHP

PHP is used as a server side scripting language usually on a Linux system with Apache web servers. Generally MySQL or other SQL databases are used for PHP software. Both programming languages have existed for years in a kind of symbiosis. Thanks to its open source availability most websites use this approach – according to there are around 244 million websites which run it.

ASP.NET was brought onto the market within the .NET technology group as a web application framework by Microsoft as a PHP alternative. ASP.NET web software can therefore be used with one of the programming languages supported by .NET such as C++, C#, Perl or Python.  ASP.NET web programs need to be run on a Windows server. This makes web application development very easy for many developers.

Cost comparison: ASP.NET vs. PHP

While PHP is completely free, you will need to pay software license fees for Microsoft’s Windows server for ASP.NET. This leads to higher costs for Windows hosting. You can now find Windows hosting servers, but they are in the same price range as Linux.

Microsoft provides Visual Studio as a development environment for developing ASP.NET programs at a fee; however you can use Visual Studio Express as a free beginner version. Usually development costs for ASP.NET programs are slightly higher.

Scalability: ASP.NET vs. PHP

ASP.NET and PHP programs lack nothing in scalability.  Facebook, the current most-visited website, is PHP based. MySpace, which was the largest social network before Facebook, was developed with ASP.NET.

Performance: ASP.NET vs. PHP

In PHP software the performance depends on the interplay between Linux as an operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as database and PHP as the scripting language. In more than two decades of optimisation work the individual components have become heavily interlinked with one another, resulting in very efficient operation.

ASP.NET runs on Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server, with the NTFS file system. While the individual software components are very well matched, NTFS will likely lead to performance drawbacks. It’s not possible to compare the two one on one, as one would need to compare two identical web applications with both technologies. As Linux has a more powerful file system with ext4, one can assume that PHP applications have an advantage.

ASP.NET and PHP support options

PHP has the clear advantage when it comes to support. The open source community and PHP’s widespread use have led to an infinite amount of support resources. PHP service providers are also much easier to find than PHP service providers.

Use Indian web developers to save on costs

Whether ASP.NET or PHP is better suited to your need depends on how much you rely on Microsoft software, and if you already use Windows Server for anything else. If you are developing a web application, you should not have to decide between one or the other technology because of cost reasons. In long-term operation other cost factors often play a larger role.

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