Developers on the Indian market

It is often a complicated search – developers and other IT professionals are often only had at top salaries. Large companies therefore prefer to get computer scientists directly out of university and train the young professionals with practical knowledge.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can only search the traditional way- recruiting developers through job ads, job fairs and head hunters throughout the job market. And it’s usually quite expensive!

Tip: look for developers where the rates are low

Germany is not at the global forefront in terms of salaries for developers. In countries like Switzerland, Norway, the USA or even Israel developers are paid better. But the salaries in these countries are generally higher than in Germany.

Nevertheless, the common EU market helps many companies in their search. Developers from Eastern European countries are becoming increasingly active in Germany companies. However, this doesn’t mean that these Eastern European developers are much cheaper; they often come to foreign companies because of the higher salary.

A real cost advantage is only possible by opening branches abroad with developer teams, or by outsourcing software development.

External search: developer outsourcing on a global comparison

If you have decided not to restrict your developer search to Europe, then you will inevitably stumble across India, and for a good reason.

The IT outsourcing sector has been booming in the former British colony for years. The country has established itself as a worldwide leading IT location, and now holds a market share of 55% of the international outsourcing market. Thanks to far-sighted investments in technology-friendly education and the building of excellent universities, approximately three million people now work in the Indian IT industry.

The integrated outsourcing approach

As a European company, you can also use the concentrated IT expertise of Indian software developers for flexibility and cost savings.

Outsourcing4work will help you in the search for developers, software testers, web designers or database specialists – we have already successfully provided professionals in all IT sectors. Unlike simple head hunters or agencies, we use an integrated approach that pays off for everyone involved.

Our clients conclude contracts with us as a European contracting partner, and we supply them with our own project managers and highly qualified Indian employees for the reliable implementation of their needs.

We will find exactly the right provider for you, one who fits your requirements in our very large network of excellent partners. We can help with every imaginable type of project, with projects realised at a fixed price, temporary or dedicated employees, or even teams of software developers who work exclusively for you.