The professional group of application developers have been enjoying many years of constant demand.  Politicians often speak about the skills shortage in the IT industry, but not all IT professional groups are equally affected. Application developers definitely belong to one of the most sought-after IT professionals.

Are application developers really so desperately needed?

In 2011, Frank-Jürgen Weise – the head of the German Federal Agency for Work – gave a frightening forecast: by 2025, it is estimated that there will be a lack of 7 million IT professionals on the German market. But is this actually true?

Whether there is really an excess of demand for application developers can only be found out with a closer look at reliable sources.

Application developer: BITKOM industry associate confirms high demand

The German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) is a trusted source in the area of IT. And its nationwide polls show a continuing trend since 2007.

There has been a nearly constant skills shortage in the IT sector and especially in the area of software developers.

While a year-long study concluded in November 2014 showed that there were 41,000 missing IT professionals on the German labour market, BITKOM reported on 43,000 available positions for IT specialists in 2015. 17,500 of those related specifically to companies in the IT and communications sector (ITC). BITKOM asks over 1,500 business leaders and managers every year from companies in all branches for the representative survey.

BITKOM president Prof. Dieter Kempf fears that there is an increasing danger of Outsourcing work abroad for the German economy as a consequence of the sustained lack of software developers and other IT experts.

Where is the largest IT skills shortage?

The BITKOM survey also answers this question. A large part of the free positions in the ITC sector are found in software providers and IT service providers. The companies are especially looking for application developers, experts in big data, cloud computing and IT security, as well as project managers.

BITKOM’s report then comprehensively confirmed with 60 percent that every second IT company has a shortage of IT skills. A year ago, it was still 54 percent.  And every second company (50 percent) believe that the skills shortage will only become worse in the future (2014: 42 percent).


Application developer, project manager, security experts: what’s the policy?

There is unfortunately no solution in sight for the skills shortage of IT professionals, and especially for application developers. Surely the answer is to get to the root of the problem and, as BITKOM has been advocating, make computer science a compulsory subject in schools.

To be prepared for the future, an interest in computer science and other technical occupations should be cultivated in the younger generation. According to “BITKOM research”, 85% of parents and 73% of teachers surveyed agree on this.

Don’t wait! Application developers from India as a solution

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