Important step for succesful App develop

Many companies can realise their own app ideas without creating their own development department thanks to app Outsourcing. This is especially true for medium sized companies because good software developers are expensive and hard to find. Months can pass between advertising the position and actually hiring someone, and some companies in less attractive locations search in vain if they do not want to spend more money.

If you would like to bring your own app onto the market with app Outsourcing you should be aware of the crucial steps of app development.

App Outsourcing: your own app in five steps

It’s nearly the same situation with mobile apps as it was with company websites twenty years ago. Anyone who is anyone has their own app. However, despite their expensive development process, many apps flop and do not live up to expectations. Bad reviews in the App Store or on Google Play are also disappointing. App Outsourcing lets the development process be divided into five steps. The more informed you are in advance, the more satisfied you will be with the finished product.

  1. App strategy: what do you want to achieve?

You should decide in the first phase how the app complements your existing business model. Do you want to increase revenue with the app? Are you planning on creating only one app, or a series of different apps in the future? Should the app make your brand more well-known, bring visitors to your website and/or use purchase incentives? Do you want to offer customer service via the app?

In addition you should also consider if the app should be optimised for smartphones and tablets, and for which systems. Make sure you clarify all these points as accurately as possible.

  1. App design: features and appearance

The handling plays an important role here, in addition to the background screens, logos, menus and buttons. There are pure online apps that resemble websites, offline apps or apps that can be used offline with online functionality. You should also decide if the app should be used for shopping, entertainment information or as a practical application. Think about the future – if you want to add advanced features in later versions this is especially important for your chosen programming languages.

  1. Development phase:

Depending on the requirements for the design and strategy, the development approach used in app Outsourcing could be well suited for it or not at all. If the app should be available on multiple platforms in the long term, it’s best to use a cross platform development environment which can be programmed for Android as well as iOS and Windows Mobile. Deciding for or against native apps, apps programmed close to the hardware affect cost and performance.

  1. Releasing your own app

Once the app is ready, it must be released in the right app stores. Will the app Outsourcing provider do this, and what will happen to the user accounts? Depending on the scenario, it might be useful to let only the pure app code and raw data be delivered, or else hire a complete package with the view to work together for a longer period of time.

  1. Service and further development

A useful app concept leads to continuous further development. Keep this in mind when looking at the quotes from app Outsourcing provides. Only user feedback will make you aware of any issues or customer wishes for the app. Small changes such as ironing out design flaws or adding in simple features can be horrendously expensive or cheap depending on your contract. If you change to another app Outsourcing provider for further development this will definitely lead to higher additional costs.

App Outsourcing providers from India keep costs low

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