Various aspects or special features cost extra in app development. However, hardly any developer can give you a cost estimate without a clear idea of what you want in an app.

App development – costs according to operation system

If you are planning to develop an app, the different interfaces (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) all cost about the same. The cost of development and tools is very similar. Depending on the provider and app type there are differences, as app developers calculate costs depending on the current demand situation.

Some years ago there was a high demand for iOS, and this gave iOS developers generous room to play. This is currently no longer the case, and it is similar for Android, although to a lesser extent. Android overtook iOS in 2010 and currently has around 70% of the market, with nearly twice as many users.

Windows Mobile only has around 6%, but it is also somewhat cheaper for app development. In comparison to Android and iOS, costs are about 10-20% less. A further advantage is that thanks to the Universal Windows App Format introduced by Microsoft, Windows apps can be developed for mobile devices as well as PCs at the same time, and soon even for Xbox consoles.

App development – costs according to application type

If you use European app development, the cost for the various app types changes according to complexity. There are four different types of apps, according to the development work.

The lowest priced app category issimple presentation apps which only contain content. The data is then made available through online links or files, and is integrated by the app developer. The app does not need to do more basic features such as playing a slide show or videos.

Apps in the second category use simple program functions which can be implemented rather easily.
This includes simple geotargeting with maps, search filters for databases or catalogue queries, a photo app with simple image processing or calculation apps with entry fields, calculation functions and output templates.

The third app category requires a combined back end for data queries or to process the sent data, parallel to the app.  This can be shopping apps with a product catalogue, ordering functions and a connection to an e-commerce site, info apps with in-app purchases, or editorial and news apps that constantly update data and receive push notifications.

Everything else is extremely expensive in app development. This is the case in game apps with complex 3D graphics, or in apps with time-consuming interface development such as data exchange through Bluetooth.

App development – cost for native apps, web apps or hybrid apps

While native apps are specifically written for an operating system in the right programming language for it, more simple apps can be realised as a web app with HTML5, no different than a website in an app format. The advantage of these web apps is their platform independence. However their disadvantages are a slower app design, hardly any hardware access and limited functionality.

Hybrid apps combine the advantages of native apps and web apps.  Hybrid apps display the content of a mobile web app within a native “app framework” to the user. This app framework exists for all operating systems. It allows access to special device hardware such as motion sensors, the camera or interfaces, albeit to a limited extent.

Cost advantage thanks to app development in India

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