Choose the right provider

There is a lot to pay attention to when Android Outsourcing – i.e. when hiring an external Android app developer. Android Outsourcing does not mean that you completely give over the responsibility for your app, but instead just the pure development work, as well as a few accompanying services.

Your Android app will only be successful if you hold the reins of conception and strategy in your hands. The Android Outsourcing provider will also thank you, as clients with clear ideas are great to work with.

Choosing an Android Outsourcing provider: the checklist

Here are a few important points which will help you choose the right Android Outsourcing provider. We at Outsourcing4work also take a close look at these factors when a company issues us an Android Outsourcing contract.

References: what Android apps have already been published?

In addition to an overview of all the apps with a link to the Google Play Store, the Android Outsourcing provider should also be able to provide information on the technical details such as development environments, programming languages, budget and the duration of the development. In addition, you should also look at the app reviews, comments and any competing apps. This will give you valuable information on the implementation, design and especially any annoying bugs that you might not have otherwise noticed.

Compatibility with older Android versions and device types

It is great if the Android Outsourcing provider can take full take advantage of the latest Android version’s features. But that won’t help much if the app won’t run on older versions or on many devices. Android Lollipop (5.0-5.1) has been on the market since October 2014 and only has a market share of 35.6%. Currently, most devices with run Android KitKat (36.3%), and Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean is also well-represented with 21.7%. You will reach more users with backward compatibility.

To make sure that the app runs perfectly on various smartphone sizes, phablets and tablets, good scalability is essential. This is decided by certain development tools and techniques.

Battery requirements and data transfer

A really good app is characterised by good performance and economical battery usage, in addition to design and features. If the online features of your app are not efficiently developed, this will lead to high data transfers and disappointed users. Badly developed hybrid apps, or browser apps in the form of an app, are flexible and cheaper to have. Unlike native Android apps, you might have to pay more in the long run.

Long term service and app updates

Don’t think of an app as a finished product in Android Outsourcing, as things really start to kick off with the first version of your Android app. Based on user feedback you will soon what to improve your app with updates. And you will probably want to add on certain features that you left out in the first version due to time or budget constraints.

Ask the Android Outsourcing provider exactly what they can offer in terms of service and further development.

Android utsourcing to India to save on costs

At Outsourcing4work we have made the experience that a good app idea and a sophisticated concept are much more important than the location of the app developer. If you know what you would like in an Android app, then we can help you with the implementation and the Android Outsourcing to India. You can save on costs by hiring an Indian app developer in comparison to using a European provider.

You are able to implement an app project at a fixed price, hire temporary employees or even an entire team of app developers with our help. We have the necessary expertise and the suitable partner for projects of every size. We ensure successful implementation and efficient communication between all parties with our European project managers.