If you are looking for an experienced Shopware developer, you are not alone. The e-commerce platform is growing faster than any of its competitors. The growth of the webshop program package has increased steadily since Version 5 was introduced in 2015, which even included its own movie.

Shopware developers can provide complex marketing and product websites with software that goes beyond traditional online shops. The environment which runs on Linux web servers with MySQL is accessible on the basis of the Symfony 2 framework from Version 5.4, and renders the shop content in the form of HTML5 websites in responsive design. Webshops created with Shopware adapt automatically to any screen size and orientation, and the users benefit as well from the excellent search and filter options.

Shopware developers are in high demand

Shopware is starting to slowly but surely take over position one from the market leaders. Magento is in the lead with a large number of existing shops, but companies are starting to use Shopware more and more when setting up new shops.

A look at the Google searches for Shopware, Magento, OXID, PrestaShop and WordPress/WooCommerce illustrates this trend. Shopware is not far away from overtaking Magento. Interest in other providers is also flagging, with the exception of WooCommerce.

Shopware vs. Magento: development effort and operation

Shopware developers, as well as Magento developers, must be experienced in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and make any necessary adaptions professionally and efficiently. While Magento can be complex for the user, Shopware is significantly easier to use. This also pays off long-term for item maintenance and shop management.

Both systems have varied connectivity options for economic and ERP systems, and are suitable for mid-sized and large companies.  In contrast to Magento, Shopware has excellent support.

Saving tip: Indian Shopware developers for setup

Although Shopware comes from Germany, the software is becoming more and more popular worldwide. The company is aggressively promoting internationalisation and has created a network of partners with Shopware developers in many countries. Many Shopware developers can also be found on the Indian Outsourcing market, who can offer clients significantly lower rates to set up Shopware.

Outsourcing4work will help you hire an Indian Shopware developer to set up your online shop. We have many years of experience with CMS and e-commerce software and have a good eye for Shopware projects. On request, we will also take over the project management and work together with you to create a solid offer with us as your contract partner.