Joomla Outsourcing is especially popular with business clients who need high-quality results. Joomla is the most widely used content management system after WordPress. However, the market share of CMS is significantly lower than WordPress with just 6%. The market leader WordPress holds nearly 60% of the market share.

WordPress can thank private bloggers for its popularity, although it is also used in business. This is due to WordPress’s especially easy setup and numerous pre-fabricated design templates and plugins for special features. The selection is almost endless and even a hobby web designer can create presentable results relatively quickly with WordPress.

Joomla Outsourcing: professionals for exceptional results

Setting up a truly professional Joomla page requires significantly more effort than WordPress. The reason for this lies in the fact that there are fewer available plugins and templates. WordPress currently offers around 27,000 free plugins and 2,000 free design templates. Joomla can’t quite keep up with around 900 templates and 7,000 plugins.

Joomla often requires more development work for special functions and adjustments. The online Joomla community is also significantly smaller than the one for WordPress, which means that the search for extensions, solutions, and products takes a bit longer. Joomla is therefore better suited for web 2.0 functions and e-commerce.

One of the most important reasons that companies like to use Joomla is its greater security against cyber-attacks. Due to WordPress’s popularity, it is unfortunately a main target of cyber criminals. The CMS is hacked 24% more often than other products. Hackers like to specialize in mass-produced goods because the yield is usually much higher from automated attacks.

However, both WordPress and Joomla can be well secured against attack with the right expertise. Generally, though, a Joomla system will be exposed to much fewer attacks from bot networks.

Joomla agency instead of a web designer

You will need expert knowledge to be able to solidly secure a Joomla website. This is especially true for targeted hacker attacks in which cyber criminals attempt to gain control of your online presence.

Similarly, performance optimization is necessary for pages that have high numbers of views. To help keep hosting costs under control, Joomla uses cache modules, optimizes the PHP and MySQL settings or incorporates a content delivery network. Even a web designer experienced in Joomla might not have the necessary expertise to do this.

It is best to use an Outsourcing agency specializing in Joomla. In India, you can find many such providers who are not particularly expensive thanks to the difference in salaries between Europe and India. Did you know that India is the most important provider of IT services in the world and that it has a market share of more than 55%? Companies looking for Joomla Outsourcing providers, therefore, like to use Indian employees.

Our clients appreciate this benefit and combine it with our additional services such as project management by a Scrum professional and contract and payment processing. Outsourcing4work does not only ensure successful implementation, but also legal certainty as a European company.

If you are looking for a Joomla Outsourcing provider, just take a look at our website! We have many years of experience in the procurement of specialized Indian workers. If you would prefer to carry out a project at a fixed rate or would like hourly billing, this is also possible. We offer all types of Outsourcing.