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Along with WordPress, Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. Both products are suitable for blogging, as well as for creating company websites. Joomla is a bit more suited for the creation of a social network or for an e-commerce page.

While WordPress is easier for beginners to use thanks to its simple installation and good adaptability, setting up a Joomla page requires a bit more effort. A Joomla agency is recommended for professional web sites and sophisticated projects.

Reach goals faster with a Joomla agency

Once your web presence is up and running, using Joomla is just as easy as the industry leader WordPress. The back-end of Joomla is somewhat more complicated, but it can be learned in a relatively short time. Creating a Joomla page can be somewhat tricky.

Joomla works with design templates and plug-ins like other CMS, by providing your web page with specific functions modularly. The Joomla community is somewhat smaller and the selection of extensions is not so extensive.

WordPress currently has about 27,000 free plug-ins and 2,000 free design templates in high quality. With around 900 templates and 7,000 plug-ins, Joomla can’t quite keep up. For special functions and adjustments more development work is needed for Joomla. The Joomla community on the net is also significantly smaller than for WordPress, meaning that the search for extensions, solutions and products takes a bit longer.

For this reason before making the decision for or against Joomla, think carefully about which features you’d like your website to have.

Joomla agency instead of a web developer

Many Joomla users set up their page largely themselves and fall back to a web developer for the more difficult tasks. This can lead to high costs, as web designers and software developers are expensive.

A Joomla agency from India can save you large amounts of money in comparison. Often a complete package with installation, setup and customization can be even cheaper than having a European specialist only occasionally help out.

We can help you further

Outsourcing4work will provide you with a first-class Joomla agency from India. You make the contract with us, and the work is completed by one of our various partner companies in India. We take over the responsibility for a successful implementation, and guarantee you rates that a European company can’t compete with. Our European project manager will ensure that your wishes and requirements are fully respected during the development stage.