Spezialisierter indischer Magento Entwickler

Specialised Magento developers help in establishing the popular shop software and have the necessary expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly later. This applies in particular to the free Magento Community Edition which will quickly reach its limits when the site receives many simultaneous hits.

Magento is currently the most widely used shop software by far. The e-commerce CMS runs on more than one percent of all websites, including those without online shops. This is a respectable amount, especially when you take into account the fact that Magento is on rank four of the most widely used CMS.

Magento developer for the Community Edition

There are two editions sold by the Magento company, the free Magento Community Edition and the commercial Magento Enterprise Edition. The biggest difference between the Magento Community Edition (CE) and the Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) is the price – a hefty $15,550 per year. With the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition there is still a further package which combines the software with PaaS hosting on fast Amazon servers. There is no big difference feature-wise to Magento EE.

The most widely used edition is then understandably the Magento Community Edition. The catch with the free Magento version is the performance, which means that if there are many simultaneous hits Magento CE will quickly run into issues. This is where a professional Magento developer comes into play – to coach the maximum performance out of the free Magento CE. They will also take over the professional set up of the online shop with all the necessary details, however a fundamental performance optimisation is the be-all and end-all for Magento.

Magento CE which has not been perfectly installed will start to generate loading times of 3 seconds or more already from 12 concurrent users. This is unacceptable for most users and it will, without a doubt, affect the success of the sale. Magento EE is optimised for high numbers of hits on the page and can easily cope quickly with 300 concurrent users.

In Magento CE certain basic content management features are missing which make it difficult to handle and update the shop interface. Magento EE has a well-equipped WYSIWYG Editor with versions. Magento developers can also retrofit Magento CE with external CMS modules to become a fully-fledged CMS.

Magento developer – a question of price

It’s especially important to keep costs under control when entering e-commerce. The annual $15,550 for Magento EE as well as your company’s profits will first need to be earned. This can only be done by larger and already established online shops.

To promote a new shop a positive browsing and shopping experience is a must, as well as attractive products and competitive prices.

To be able to keep costs at a minimum without compromising on design, features and performance you will need to hire an affordable Magento developer with the help of offshore Outsourcing. The services of Indian Magento developers are especially popular among shop operators. These developers are not only affordable, but have the technical skills to fulfil any requirements. India boasts highly qualified professionals in all areas along with an excellent IT economy, which means a good Magento developer is easy to find.

Indian Magento developer with European reliability

Outsourcing4work can provide you with an excellent Magento developer who will professionally and affordably realise your shop idea. As a European company we will act as your contracting partner, and our experienced project managers will reliably implementation your requirements.

This also enables optimal communication with the European contact partners, and at the same time low rates that European Magento agencies can’t compete with. You have a range of flexible contract models to fit your needs, from projects at a fixed price to IT specialists as temporary employees.