iOS outsourcing to india

iOS Outsourcing, meaning iOS app development by external software providers, is more the rule than the exception. A company whose app is not their main product can rarely afford to hire their own iOS developer. In the mid-size enterprise area it also doesn’t make much sense – the costs are simply too high.

According to statistics from, an iOS developer earns between 3,400 and 4,800 euros per month. And many months can pass before a high quality app is finished. With iOS Outsourcing to India these development costs will shrink to a fraction of what they would be in Europe.

The cost of iOS Outsourcing depends on the type of app

The exact cost of an iOS app depends on the type of app it is. Just like in Android, iOS differentiates between native apps, which are apps specifically for iOS which are written very close to the hardware, and hybrid apps.

Hybrid iOS apps are nothing more than packaged web apps, which show content and controls functions within a native ‘app framework’, which is not visible to the user. They also make it possible to access specific device hardware such as motion sensors, cameras or interfaces, to a limited extent. iOS Outsourcing for hybrid apps is therefore a bit cheaper, as no truly specialised iOS app developer is necessary, and development is much easier.

You will need to make significant compromises in terms of functionality and performance for hybrid iOS apps. Generally, these types of apps require an internet connection, as the bulk of the data is available on web servers.

If you want the app to be available on multiple platforms in the long term, hybrid apps have the advantage because the apps can be quickly made available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Possible application types

Regardless of the type of app, the complexity also plays a role in the cost of iOS Outsourcing.

Simple iOS presentation apps, which only contain content, are the lowest priced category. The content is then made available through online queries or as files, and are integrated by the app developer.

iOS apps with simple program features cost a bit more, but generally the rule is that geotargeting with maps, search filters for databases or catalogue queries, a photo app with simple image processing or calculation apps with entry fields, calculation functions and output templates are more complicated to develop.

Particularly elaborate apps usually use back end controlled online for data queries or for processing any data sent. This is the case with shopping apps with a product catalogue, ordering functions and a connection to an e-commerce site, or info apps with in-app purchases, or editorial and news apps that constantly update data and receive push notifications. Apps like these are usually developed by an entire team in iOS Outsourcing, and not a single developer.

Additional savings with iOS Outsourcing from India

There are so many individual factors that decide the cost of an app project. Another is the location of the iOS Outsourcing provider, although it is not the decisive factor. If you chose for iOS Outsourcing to India, the costs will dramatically sink in comparison to Europe.

If you know what kind of iOS app you would like to realise, we can help you further with excellent iOS developers from India.

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