Hire app developers from India

If you are looking for an app developer, it’s well worth your time to take a look at Indian. The Asian country is well-known for its affordable and excellently educated IT professionals. If you have a precise idea of what you are planning for your app, then it is simple to find a suitable app developer in India.

What you should know before starting the search for an app developer

The mobile app business is booming right now. Many companies now have their own app in addition to a professional website. Whether or not these apps make sense or are successful is a different matter, however. You can quickly find out what is good and what falls short based on reviews in Apple’s App Store or in Google Play – many apps are simply non-movers.

Before you start researching the right software developer, you should make sure you are clear on the following points.

What is your strategy for this app?

Should this app complement your existing business model? Do you want to generate income directly or indirectly stimulate your business with the app? Is this purely for brand presence, or also for specific sales incentives? Or should the app expand on your service offers and your customer service? The clearer your answers and priorities for these questions, the more systematically you can approach your search for an app developer.

Look and feel: what should the app look like?

Unsuccessful apps usually suffer from bad app design and badly implemented features. If you have the basic graphic materials and possibly even mockups of the screens and menus, the app developer will be able to not only have a better understanding of what you want, but it will also be easier to implement. It’s best to give the design work to a specialised graphic designer and let them work with the app developer. Before you start looking for an app developer you should have this graphic material to hand.

What platforms should the app be available for?

You will be able to reach many with Android, iOS allows higher margins for paid apps and with Windows Mobile you can publish a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP) at the same time for desktop computers, Windows smartphones and tablets, in addition to the Xbox One.

If you are planning to publish the app on multiple platforms simultaneously, hybrid apps are a good solution and are nothing more than web apps in a system specific container. These packaged web apps only need to be developed once and can then be published on Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile parallelly with minor adjustments.

Outsourcing search: app developers in India

If the basic data for your app project is finalised, we can take over the time-consuming search for a suitable app developer for you. Outsourcing4work is specialised in providing IT professionals and IT developers from India. You will save a large part of development costs with these Indian app professionals in comparison to European providers.

No matter if it is app development, further development of an existing app or app porting to additional platforms – we will easily find the right partner.

With us, you can realise an app project at a fixed rate, hire temporary employees or even an entire team of Indian app developers if needed. You will not need to worry about any bureaucracy or legal uncertainty, as you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.