Every day there are over 2,000 new apps for Android devices. And every day there are 90 new developers who can develop an iOS app. The app market is growing and there is no end in sight. In June 2015 Apple’s iTunes store reached 100 billion downloads. The supply and demand for apps is steadily rising, and European developers can’t keep up with this demand.

Reason 1: Shortage of skilled workers

More and more companies want an app. But there are not that many developers in Europe. This follows an oversaturation of the European app developer market. The German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media has noted the lack of software developers. For example, in Germany nearly a million people work in the entire information and communication sector, in India three times that number work just in the area of software development.

Reason 2: Renowned companies employ Indian developers

The IT industry is a part of India. Global companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM have an office in India. Texas Instrument and Citibank have their own software development centres in India. And the number one export good in India is software development. About half of India’s export earnings come from the area of application development. Eight and a half million people in India are under 35, which means that India has the largest youth population around the world. A huge opportunity for the global labour market.

Reason 3: The Indian IT-academies

App developers from India are also highly qualified. Between 2007 and 2011 the central government invested massively in the development of centres of academic excellence. During this period the number of IT colleges, “Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)”, grew from 7 to 18 locations. So far, 170,000 highly qualified software developers have graduated from here. Six more locations are planned in the next few years. The government is investing heavily in IT education and infrastructure.

Reason 4: Global teamwork has never been so easy

If you would like to work with an app developer from India, it’s easier than ever before. The selection of web-based project management tools is huge. They make teamwork across continents easy. They include task management, shared document management, time tracking and much more. There are paid and free versions which differ in certain features. For example, Wrike offers an import and export function for Excel spreadsheets, Projectplace advertises itself as a social collaboration feature and Stackfieldoffers end-to-end encryption. Free alternative include Asana, Bitrix24 and Openproject. Basecamp offers project management reduced to the essentials. This article provides a good overview of the various tools.

Reason 5: References

In India, there are 50,000 companies specializing in mobile app development. They develop for Unilever, Motorola or Pedigree. The app Hubble comes from India. Hubble is a videotelephony tool for Motorola and has over 100,000 recorded downloads. The app iBoldDock’n Drive was also developed by Indian developers. It helps drivers focus on driving by bringing up large, easily accessible icons onto the display. This app has also been downloaded over 100,000 times. Also from India: the Cellfie with over 50,000 downloads – an app that helps you create selfies.

Also very important

In India, English is the official language. And most programming languages work in English. Therefore, Indian developers have a slight advantage in communication, as opposed to their counterparts in the near shoring countries. And you can save an average of 50% of the development costs with an app developer from India.

Of course, there are also potential obstacles when using the services of an Indian developer. The Indian business culture is different from the European, and knowledge of the Indian market would be an advantage. Or you look for a partner in Europe who has this knowledge. We move all obstacles out of your way. Get in touch with us.