Software Developer

Software developers solve problems in teams

20 years ago, hardly anyone had heard of them. Nowadays they are a permanent fixture in the field of software development’s economic life. The digital age, the creation of the internet and the rapid advances of personal computers and mobile devices have made the software developer profession possible. No hardware will work without the right software: developers use computer languages like .NET, Java, C++ , PHP, SQL or HTML to create specific programs with these languages. These programs can then be used for different tasks and functions.

Software developers often find employment in software and system houses where they solve specific problems. In addition, internet companies, public institutions in the back end or the military are also viable career options. Software developers work in teams and perform different roles. They can be programmers, software architects, testers or specification specialists.

Software developers need technical knowledge and expertise

The title software developer or programmer is rather colloquial, and generally refers to computer science graduates. Software developer is not a protected job title. Software developers especially need technical knowledge for relations in the field of information technology. This is the main prerequisite, in addition they must be experienced in the popular and widely used programming languages.

Typically, software developers work on problems that need to be solved. For this reason they will need to be an analytical and solution-oriented thinker in their everyday professional life. They will need to be able to communicate within a team and with the client, because software developers do not work alone on larger projects, but instead in a team.

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