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The client

The client for Outsourcing4work is a very successful web agency with the main focus on shop development, optimisation, SEO and support. Due to the very good order situation, the agency needs further employees in the xt:commerce development, but can’t find enough qualified and affordable applicants on the German market.

The challenge

In order to absorb the given capacity bottlenecks, the agency formulated the following requirements for Outsourcing4work:

  • A full-time xt:commerce developer was needed as a permanent member of the agency team.
  • A German coordinator should make the cooperation between the agency and the Indian developer as efficient and simple as possible and limit the administrative burden on the agency.
  • The costs for the developer working in India should fit into the agency’s very attractive pricing structure for customers.
  • The Indian developer’s working methods and quality of work should match those of his German colleagues. “The chemistry should be right.”

Our approach

Outsourcing4work also processed this order quickly, correctly and successfully.

  • At the beginning of the project was the search and selection of suitable xt:commerce developers by our coordinator.
  • Our Indian partner companies were able to offer a number of excellently trained and experienced candidates. Thanks to online interviews arranged at short notice and some test tasks, the web agency needed only a relatively short time to decide on one of the experts.
  • Outsourcing4work took over the entire organisational support of the new employee. This relieves the agency of any administrative work. In addition, our coordinator acts as a “mentality bridge” to ensure a collegial, goal-oriented and pleasant co-operation with the Indian developer at all times.
  • With the help of JIRA software and the Kanban method as a central project management tool, we achieve the required quality of work and the best possible use of available resources.
  • A cloud-based time tracking software allows the agency to track the work of its developer in India virtually in real-time. For this purpose, the system creates and transmits a screenshot every three minutes and records the working time for invoicing to the minute.
  • The following workflow was defined for the co-operation:
  • First, the agency enters all development tasks to be processed into the JIRA Backlog.
  • The developer sifts through the entries and provides them with his estimation of the required processing time and with suggestions for the most suitable procedure from his point of view.
  • The agency checks the developer’s feedback and releases the proposals. When the developer’s and the agency’s ideas do not match, the partners agree in meetings on the further procedure if necessary.
  • The developer then takes the released tasks from JIRA Todo for processing.
  • The developer delivers completed tasks to the customer for testing. After approval, the agency marks the respective tasks int he JIRA Board as completed.
  • Daily online meetings keep everyone involved up-to-date.

The result:

  • The Indian xt:commerce developer has integrated himself in a short time as a full team member of the web agency.
  • He handles all tasks to the highest satisfaction of the agency and its customers.
  • International cooperation has a motivating and inspiring effect on all those involved.
  • Thanks to the favourable cost structure on the Indian personnel market, the agency can offer its clients the work of its new developer at very competitive prices.

The agreed, long-term cooperation between the web agency and Outsourcing4work is an example of how German companies can successfully counter capacity bottlenecks with qualified IT specialists from the world’s largest IT personnel market India.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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