Virtuelle Assistentin

Virtual assistant services are the modern version of a secretary. However, in contrast to the type of secretary that is usually reserved for executives, most virtual assistants offer a huge range of various services and advantages.

Thanks to low cost workers from offshore destinations such as India, these support services are now available to everyone. Virtual assistant services are particularly sought after within the realm of business process outsourcing (BPO). Compared to a full-time assistant, you set tasks much more flexibly for a virtual assistant. Almost anything is possible, from just a few hours of work a month, to extensive daily tasks.

Virtual assistant services: all-rounder or specialist?

Traditional office tasks that can be done online can be easily taken over by virtual assistant services. Many office jobs in the modern business world are the same across industries, and communication and the skilful handling of information and data stands at the heart of most of them.

Here are many typical tasks that can be given over to virtual assistant services:

  • Internet research for specific products and comprehensive information
  • Excel data work
  • Blog maintenance according to your specifications for comments, updates and new content
  • Answering emails and the phone, just like a traditional secretary
  • Simple social media activities with regular postings according to specifications, and answering user comments
  • Data extraction from websites and other online sources
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations with suitable images, consistent formatting and transition effects according to your specifications
  • Text-based work in English such as transcription, proofreading, simple translations or SEO writing services
  • Travel planning: searching for flights, accommodation and other relevant information

This is just a short list of those types of activities that you can use a virtual assistant for. This kind of outsourcing knows almost no limits, and you can let your creativity run free. You only need to find one qualified person who offers their services for the salary you agree on. And specialists can also be relatively easily integrated if the workflows are well-defined. You will almost always need to have a short training period at the start of employment, whether you hire a specialist or an all-rounder.

The boundaries between professional skills and general assistance are often very flexible. For example, you can find trained translators with additional qualifications who work as online assistants. These professionals are perfect for any tasks that require you to correspond in multiple languages.

If you deal with image, audio or video material, you could also look for an Indian video professional who can also deal with other tasks. SEO experts are also very popular online to position your website in Google and other search engines.

Virtual assistant services from India: we can help

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