Virtual Assistant

Self-employed workers and smaller companies can use a virtual assistant for specific tasks if they can’t have an in-house secretary for cost reasons.

Virtual assistants can be a great help in taking over work, without costing an arm and a leg. The global boom in freelance services and business process outsourcing (BPO) offers a virtually inexhaustible range of low cost online professionals. This is especially true for Indian providers – the Asian country is better represented in the global IT outsourcing market than any other county, with a market share of 55%.

A virtual assistance is worthwhile in many areas

A virtual assistant generally offers support services for the business sector. Since everything is coordinated over the internet, and generally not for a permanent amount of time, a virtual assistant will cover a broader spectrum than a traditional secretary.

You can flexibly choose what tasks the virtual assistant should take over, once a suitable one has been found. Anything is possible, from specialists for specific tasks, up to diversified BPO office staff. The scope of work can also be flexibly arranged, from just a few hours a week up to full-time work. When using specialists, it could be worthwhile to hire multiple virtual assistants with special expertise.

When looking for a suitable online assistant you should ensure that you take enough time to work out exactly what work needs to be done. Once a suitable provider is found, then there is usually a short training period to explain how to use the necessary programs, websites and other services. A virtual assistant can be used in many areas, and you can take advantage of online collaboration tools such as email and video chats to communicate, assign individual tasks and coordinate.

One typical task which is given to a virtual assistant is internet research for specific information. This can be specific details such as a search for providers, a product or for another detail, and is often done in connection with data entry (for example, with Excel), data extraction or the creation of an overview or report.

Text-based work in English such as transcription, proofreading, simple translations or SEO writing services are also typical fields of work for a virtual assistant. If the online assistant has the right experience, they can even take over more complex work such as creating PowerPoint presentations, maintaining a blog, including publishing articles, and social media activities. For this, not only does one need specialist knowledge on the topic, but also good writing skills and the experienced handling of images and photo editing tools.

Other tasks that hand be delegated to a virtual assistant is travel planning (searching for hotels, flights and other information as well as booking), or traditional secretarial work such as answering emails, telephone services and scheduling.

These are just a few examples of what you can use a virtual assistant for. There are no limits to your creativity, and you will only need to find a qualified assistant who will provide their services at the salary you offer.

Virtual assistant from India

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