A virtual assistant is a person that smaller businesses and freelancers who normally cannot hire a permanent assistant can give jobs to.

In the field of business process outsourcing (BPO) the area of virtual assistance is experiencing a real boom, with the internet playing an important role. Communication and data exchange are no longer a problem and greatly facilitate collaboration, even on complex projects.

Virtual assistant from India

Similar to a normal secretary but without the same cost, a virtual assistant can be used for many different tasks. This especially applies to BPO staff from offshore countries like India, since you can find excellently educated online professionals at especially good rates.

In addition to the cost savings, the contractual flexibility of these online workers is also another advantage. A full time or part time employee is just as possible as project-based or hourly billing. Thanks to modern communication means such as video conferencing, team chats, online collaboration tools, file hosting in the cloud and constant availability through tablets and smartphones, a virtual assistant can be flexibly managed from anywhere.

The range of virtual assistants in India is huge which means you can easily find online professionals with relevant work experience and a university education focused on IT and business tasks.

Computer-based tasks which are repetitive are easy to standardise through clear workflows, and can be easily given to a virtual assistant. This could be internet research on specific products from which an entire list of products, companies, information sources or topics will need to be created.

Traditional secretary work, like communication services such as answering emails or the phone can also be given over to a trained virtual assistant.

However, a professional briefing and possibly even a short training course will be necessary for great collaboration. This is the only way your programs, websites and other services will be completed just as you want them to be.

Once the virtual assistant is familiar with all the procedures involved, you can give them work such as Excel data work, typing jobs such as transcription, ghostwriting, maintaining a blog or social media activities. In fact, the entire range of tasks contained within business process outsourcing can be delegated.

Find a virtual assistant easily

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