IT Support providers

IT support plays an growing role in our increasingly technological world. Departments and administrators support IT services from within the company, and good IT support is also important in the B2B sector for technical products and services which are vital to economic success.

Despite the great importance attached to IT support, one thing still stands true: everyone wants it, but no one wants to pay for it. The problem is the large amount of time needed to respond to requests and solve problems.

You will need the right trained employees for really good IT support, and their expertise will need to be well paid. Ask yourself what price you would be willing to pay to have a technical problem solved if you needed to pay by the hour.

IT support outsourcing

If you are looking for IT support, you can also find appropriately trained employees outside of Europe. India is especially attractive as an outsourcing destination for many companies, as IT professional here are paid a fraction of their European counterparts. This cost advantage is interesting for potential customers, as well as for IT support providers.

Companies can give over specific support contracts for technical problems or feasible online maintenance to proven specialists and IT consultants from India instead of hiring a local IT support provider. And using your own IT department with additional staff will be expensive.

And if you want to build an IT support system for your customers, there are a number of companies that specialise in exactly this field in India. If you hand over IT support to an external provider, you can flexibly arrange the availability. You can even have 24 hour or weekend service. You can offer your customers high quality IT support even in the service sector, without you needing to adapt your own work hours and infrastructure.

You can easily find an affordable solution for your needs, from individual specialised employees up to complete offshore call centres. You will specify the workflows and the necessary expertise and scope of service, and the Indian IT support provider will then take over the professional implementation.

Providers that specialise in IT support for international clients already have the necessary infrastructure. This infrastructure includes the appropriate computer systems and support applications such as a ticket system, a knowledge database interface, remote maintenance tools and naturally employees experienced in IT support.

How to find a good provider

outsourcing4work can provide you with the right IT support specialist from India for your exact requirements. This provider will carry out your support activities professionally and at a reasonable price. We have worked together with Indian outsourcing providers for a long time, and thanks to our experience we can easily find you a high quality support service provider.

We will not leave you on your own after finding an IT support provider, but will support you with our own project managers during communication, project planning and implementation. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.